Comedian Park Na Rae Under Fire For Making Crude Sexual Jokes And Gestures On Web Show

Netizens think she went too far.

Comedian Park Na Rae is receiving backlash for her overstepping with her inappropriate jokes.

Comedian Park Na Rae | The Korea Herald

Park Na Rae’s new YouTube show, titled Hey Narae, aired their first couple of episodes and they are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Netizens believe that Park Na Rae, who is usually known for her crude jokes and blunt remarks may have overstepped some boundaries.

During the video, it becomes evident that the comedian takes full advantage of the 15+ rating of the YouTube show. Since the channel has no affiliation with any of the major Korean broadcasting stations, there is more leniency with the topics they choose to discuss. Knowing this fact, Park Na Rae started off her introduction with a sexual remark, “Do I need to spread my legs to sit?

“Do I need to spread my legs to sit?” | STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube

The comedian then started to get even more sexual by bringing up EXO‘s Kai and his past remarks on JTBC‘s Knowing Brothers.

“He has a gochu (pepper or penis) in his pants.” | STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube

Previously, Kai had to guess what Baekyun was shouting through his noise cancelling headphones. Baekhyun shouted, “Two-letter word for something in your padding (coat),” but Kai misheard it as “two-letter word for something inside your panty (which sounds similar to padding in Korean)” and looked down at his pants. While he never actually said the word, everyone understood Kai’s confusion and shock when he was “given” this question during the broadcast.

The segment went viral for obvious reasons.

Kai’s appearance on “Knowing Brothers” | JTBC

The comedian continued with her sexual jokes and started to get even more graphic by incorporating gestures. This is where netizens believe she may have crossed the line. In this first clip, Park Na Rae can be seen making an up and down gesture with her hand, which was blurred out by the production staff.

The next clip shows another blurred out gesture but this time, the comedian uses her feet to make an up and down gesture on the table leg. Viewers noted that the male guest sitting next to Park Na Rae looked uncomfortable and at one point, he motioned for her to stop.

Netizens have been leaving their thoughts on numerous different platforms after this episode of the show went live. Many of them expressed their disgust and shock over the comedian’s actions.

| theqoo
  • “The staff who decided to air this also has fault in this situation…sexual harassment is a problem and the staff who let this go live are crazy”
  • “This has to be sexual harassment?”
  • “They must be crazy”
  • “Even she knew she was kind of overstepping the boundary, but I wonder why she didn’t contemplate more…”
  • “So gross…why did she do that. Let’s be respectful…she definitely overstepped with this one”
  • “Isn’t this sexual harassment? This is too much”
  • “Please retire and don’t come out on shows. Disgusting”

Since receiving the backlash, the production crew of the YouTube show has stepped forward with an official apology.

We would like to apologize for the remarks made in the second video on our channel. We apologize for disappointing you all.

After reading all of the feedback, we have decided to re-evaluate the video, as well as all other future productions we work on.

— “Hey Narae” production crew

While the production crew acknowledged their wrongdoings, netizens were not thrilled with their apology, claiming that they only apologized because it became an issue. Comments such as “Wow, whoever wrote the apology is good. They kept it vague and didn’t even talk about the issue” and “Do you guys know what kind of generation it is? How can you have a male guest sitting next to her while she made those motions. This is not an apology” have been pouring out after the production crew’s apology went public.


Park Na Rae has yet to make a personal statement regarding the backlash.

Source: theqoo, WikiTree and Korea Daily