Comedienne Kim Ji Min Recalls Working Through A Burst Appendix Back In Her Nameless Days

She was afraid.

In a recent episode of KBS Joy’s Survival, comedienne Kim Ji Min shared an unreal story of how she worked through a burst appendix back when she was still making a name for herself.

“A Celebrity Lives in Our House” | MBC

The panel was talking about instances they had to tough out no matter the circumstances when Kim Ji Min shared her personal story from back in her nameless days.

She explained that she had been nameless for 4 years at the time, but that she secured a job on a morning show.

However, she was suffering severe tummy aches at the time, but she toughed out the job anyway.

And she revealed why.

I clenched my teeth and toughed out the TV appearance because I was afraid of getting fired.

— Kim Ji Min

So she finished the appearance while clenching onto her tummy, only to find out later that it was very serious.

It turns out my appendix burst, so I had to get surgery right away.

— Kim Ji Min

“A Celebrity Lives in Our House” | MBC

The panel was absolutely devasted by the story while Hwang Bo Ra added that that’s what celebrities go through in order to make it.

That’s so sad. We all live like that.

— Hwang Bo Ra

Luckily, Kim Ji Min succeeded as a comedienne, but it was clearly not an easy journey by any means.

Source: Insight
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