The One Compliment That’s Difficult For BTS’s Jin To Receive

The well-earned praise means a lot to Jin.

BTS‘s Jin has been actively promoting the release of his solo debut single, “The Astronaut,” and fans are loving the rare variety show appearances.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Recently Jin was a guest on comedian Park Myung Soo‘s YouTube channel, Hal Myung Soo. The two kept fans entertained throughout their video together with their funny banter and surprising chemistry as two leaders in the entertainment industry.

As they started the interview, Jin showed how comfortable he was by gently calling out Park Myung Soo for their chaotic first meeting, where the industry veteran turned down a photo with BTS in 2014.

Park Myung Soo and BTS’s Jin discussing the first time they met | 할명수/YouTube

When Jin made an appearance on Lee Young Ji‘s popular YouTube show, My Alcohol Diary, in October, he shared that HYBE has strict policies on what projects BTS are involved in, including what they film.

When Park Myung Soo asked Jin why he chose to appear on Hal Myung Soo, Jin moved the comedian by revealing he wanted to meet him officially.

Park Myung Soo, who made his television debut in 1993, a year after Jin was born, couldn’t hold back his praise for the younger star, acknowledging BTS’s incredible global fame. He also couldn’t help complimenting Jin’s unreal visuals. Park Myung Soo noted that Jin had a “celebrity aura” just as Jin nearly slipped off his chair.

The two natural comedians shared a more serious moment when Park Myung Soo sincerely congratulated BTS on their unprecedented success, sharing that seeing their fame grow over the years made him emotional.

Jin was surprised at the sudden praise and shared that he was touched by the compliment, explaining that he doesn’t usually become shy when praised. There is one type of compliment that leaves him flustered, and it’s praise revolving around hard work.

Park Myung Soo asked why that was, and Jin shared that being praised for his hard work makes him feel like an “amazing person.

The serious moment didn’t last long before Jin jokingly asked Park Myung Soo to call him handsome while stating he could easily accept compliments about his looks.

BTS continues to prove how humble they are, no matter what heights they reach, and it’s one of the many reasons they’ve achieved the global fame they have.

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