American Singer Conan Gray Has The Full “K-Pop Idol” Experience In Korea, With Some Help From Red Velvet’s Wendy

From fansigns, to music shows, Conan Gray did it all!

At one time, the idea of fansigns, ending fairies, and performing on music shows seemed like something exclusive to K-Pop stars. Yet, recently, it seems like more and more Western artists are being able to have that same experience.

In particular, one Western artist who has gone viral recently is Conan Gray.

Conan Gray | @conangray/Instagram

Conan Gray is a loved artist worldwide, and K-Pop idols have also shown their love for the singer and his songs, with many covering tracks like “Maniac.”

ITZY’s Yuna covering “Maniac”
ONF’s MK covering “Maniac” | ONF/YouTube           

Well, his recent trip to Korea proved that he’s not only popular amongst idols but Korean fans as well. On August 7, Conan Gray had a traditional K-Pop signing event where there were fansites, cute poses, and the usual setup netizens are used to seeing.

His next stop was joining Red Velvet‘s Wendy on her radio show, and it seems like he already knew the right poses and aegyo that netizens love to see. The cute poses had Wendy screaming with excitement, along with netizens watching at home.

| @wendyyoungseu/TikTok

He even did the special heart created by LOONA‘s Chuu!

Of course, there’s always room to learn more and Wendy is one of the best people to do it, with nearly ten years as an active idol.

One of the most important parts of performing as an idol on stage is the ending fairy. They have become more unique, outgoing, and hilarious over the years, and Wendy showed the perfect example of one that would have netizens LOL’ing. After finishing his performance, he followed Wendy’s advice and did a truly iconic ending.

| @wendyyoungseu/TikTok
| @wendyyoungseu/TikTok

After the show, Conan Gray came full circle and completed his “Idol” experience in Korea by performing on The Show. Although his performance was amazing, he might need some more help to really nail that “Ending Fairy” pose.

It isn’t the first time Western artists have recently been the talk of K-Pop. British group New Hope Club took the internet by storm during their time in Korea with iconic ending fairies…


First time doing ending fairy on ‘The Show’ how did we do? #fyp #theshow #newhopeclub

♬ original sound – New Hope Club

And even did some TikTok’s with ENHYPEN.


#fyp #enhypen #whatever #뉴호프클럽

♬ Whatever – New Hope Club

It seems like K-Pop and Western music are coming together and it’s making some of the most random but iconic collaborations ever. During his time in Korea, Conan took a K-Pop masterclass with Wendy, met some fans, and performed for fans worldwide.

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