Controversy Deepens For Kim Tae Ri As Agency’s Statement Further Infuriates Fans

“The agency’s statement is f@cking stupid.”

Actress Kim Tae Ri‘s agency’s statement addressing the recent “free labor” controversy has further infuriated fans.

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Earlier, in a now-deleted post, the actress asked fans to “volunteer” their time and translate her post. The post did not go over well, and netizens accused the actress of exploiting her fans.

  • Wow, it’s a real disappointment
  • This is kinda…
  • What’s up with her sense of reality… why is she like that
  • Do you donate your talents in acting too? She really has no clue
  • It’s so…dumbfounding lol
  • She gets others’ talents through donation but earns off the videos? Even if it’s not a channel for profit.. her logic is pretty dumbfounding
  • No but volunteer work through youtube…?? And what’s more is that it’s an issue even if she donates all the profits off the youtube/ this isn’t talent donation but passion pay… but it’s not even passion pay it’s straight up payless

As the controversy grew, the actress’s management released a statement. In their statement, the agency seemingly justified asking for volunteers and claimed that the videos did not bring in any revenue.

Despite the agency’s attempt at quelling the controversy, unfortunately, it seems the statement has done the opposite. Many netizens lambasted the agency for emphasizing the videos didn’t bring in revenue as justification and criticized them for claiming all of this was for fans.

  • “The agency’s statement is f@cking stupid.”
  • “The statement is contradictory… Full of useless excuses.”
  • “So if you aren’t making any money, does that justify asking people to donate their talents for free? Then why does marketing exist?”
  • “Huh? What is this contradictory statement? LOL.”
  • “So they are basically saying, despite not making money, they are doing this for the fans and therefore do not feel like they need to spend any money on it? Plus, content like this is giving the actress exposure, so what do you mean it isn’t generating revenue?”
  • “Are they saying this is an apology? I don’t think so.”
  • “What are they saying? LOL. They make it seem like they are doing something extraordinary for fans.”
  • “They have all of the world’s idiots.”
  • “Because of this, I no longer like the agency and the actor. Tsktsk. The actress and the agency both have similar minds.”
  • “They should have just apologized, why are you using the excuse that you are doing it for the fans? (They are saying) I donated my talents by making the videos for the fans, and you guys like it, so we won’t be paying anyone, okay?”

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: theqoo
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