Controversial Pharmacist Reveals His STD Results and Explains His Side of the Story

A woman exposed the celebrity pharmacist for treating her like a sex toy and giving her an incurable STD.

A celebrity pharmacist recently came under fire after a woman posted on the internet that he treated her like nothing but a sex toy and ultimately gave her an incurable STD.

Celebrity Pharmacist Threatens to Harm Himself Following News of His Controversial “Dating” Life

After shutting down all of his social media accounts, the pharmacist, Yakult, released a formal statement detailing his STD test results and his side of the story.

Read the translated statement below:

Hello, this is pharmacist and YouTuber, Yakult.

First of all, I’d like to sincerely apologize to the victims who were harmed because of my actions. I would also like to apologize for causing trouble with my personal life and disappointing my subscribers.

I wanted to resolve things with the victims myself. And in order to prevent the victims, my family, and friends from being harmed as a result, I decided to quietly shut down my channel before explaining my stance.

But as articles with uncomfirmed claims came up on the internet, it became a bigger issue, and as a result, more malicious rumors that are false were being spread.

In order to deliver the truth, I took an STD test and took some time to myself. I apologize for not speaking up earlier. I’d like to admit to my faults and apologize with my side of the story. I hope the situation doesn’t worsen and no longer hurts the victims and other persons involved, which is why I’m posting his statement on my YouTube account.

The victims were women around my age with whom I exchanged messages of support on social media, and we got to know each other through consultations at the pharmacy. We exchanged messages and good feelings, but due to life style and personality differences, we couldn’t proceed into a real relationship.

As a YouTuber, I’ve appeared on various media outlets. I apologize for engaging in inappropriate behavior with the victims that didn’t follow the safety and health procedures that I stressed formally. I believe the victims were very hurt because I acted in a way that didn’t align with how I presented myself on YouTube and social media. I apologize.

The victims posted that they took a test afterward and were confirmed for Herpes and Ureaplasma, which they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. I’m ashamed to say that I had never taken an STD test before this incident. So I took a test to check out the situation this time around.

As a result, I was tested negative for Herpes 1 and 2 and positive for Ureaplasma.

I took another test at a different hospital just in case and received the same result.

It was wrong of me to not get tested regularly as a health professional, to be careless about contraception, and and to treat the women’s situation as if it was no big deal. But I’ve never intentionally given anyone an STD or forcibly engage in sexual behavior.

I apologize for not cherishing the victims more. I feel guilty, and I’m reflecting upon the fact that my behavior was inconsistent. I apologize for the faults I’ve made against the victims. I am not considering to take any legal action.

But please refrain from spreading false rumors through the media, messenger, or social media. In addition, I hope no one tries to expose the identities of the victims. As for the rumors, articles, and comments of defamation, I’m currently gathering them. I ask that you prevent any further harm to the victims.

Thank you to all those who worried about me, and I’m sorry to the subscribers, the people around me, and other persons involved for disappointing them. I feel like I’ve received more love and interest than I deserve. I believe the excessive love I received led to my conceit, and as a result of my arrogant behavior, I’m now paying the price.

Thank you to those who liked me and worried about me until now. I will halt my activities including YouTube, feel the guilt, apologize, and reflect upon my actions.

I apologize once again.

– Yakult

Source: Insight