Convenience Store 7-11 Discussing Legal Action Against K-Drama “D.P”

They claim the show caused damage to their image.

Netflix recently released K-Drama D.P. to large success, telling the tale of a team of army men that pursue those that try to escape their service. However, it seems like the drama has fallen into hot waters, with convenience store 7-11 discussing legal action against the production team.

It was confirmed on September 6 that Korea Seven, an affiliate of the Lotte Group that runs 7-11 had been reviewing an application for the banning of the broadcast of D.P. The target of the application not only includes Climax Studios, the main producing team for D.P. but also Netflix.

Korea Seven stated to news outlet Kookmin Ilbo that the production damages the brand and store’s image, and that they are at the stage of discussing legal action due to the damages to their reputation. The problem with the production stems from episode 5, where a branch manager of 7-11 is shown to have tried to coerce the character Hwang Jang Soo into illegal behavior as well as being abusive towards him. The branch manager in the show also clearly wears a 7-11 uniform with the logo displayed.

Although the production had received approval for filming from the store back in January, they claim they did not know that the contents would be so negative. They state that viewers may have a misunderstanding towards the brand after the show.

D.P.‘s production team, on the other hand, claims that they have “no plans to respond to 7-11’s request” and that they will discuss internally, how to deal with the problematic scene.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

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