Cosmetic Brand CLIO Removes All Posts Featuring Stray Kids From Their Social Media Platforms

The brand also issued an official statement explaining the removal and its future course of action.

Early February 2021, the Korean cosmetic brand CLIO shared in excitement that Stray Kids have been selected as the brand’s newest models. Soon after, the brand’s official Twitter account @official_CLIO began sharing gorgeous promotional material featuring the members — starting with Bang Chan and Hyunjin.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin for CLIO. | @official_CLIO/Twitter

However, following the recent bullying allegation against Hyunjin — though both the idol and the agency responded in apology, the brand has removed all Stray Kids related posts from their social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, as of March 1, 2021 KST.

CLIO’s official Instagram feed as of March 1, 2021 KST. | @clio_official/Instagram

In addition, the brand uploaded a lengthy statement — explaining the content removal and the future course of action, specifically in regards to the group’s modeling contract. CLIO said they are “thoroughly discussing the situation at hand to come to an educated decision on the matter.”

Dear CLIO’s loving customers,

First off we would like to apologize for the delay in our brand’s response to the controversy surrounding the Stray Kids member model.

Immediately following the controversy, we at CLIO have halted all promotions featuring the model in question. The model’s agency reached out to us and explained that their verification processes may take a while. That being said, we requested all our distributors in Korea and around the world to stop using any contents featuring the model.

Some global distributors, however, sent out the model’s promotional contents to individual sellers a long time ago. And though we have requested that they be removed, these distributors are working with what they have and so some sellers will continue to promote as scheduled. We are yet to be updated on how these global distributors will work around the upcoming promotions.

We apologize if, in this process, we have caused anyone an inconvenience. CLIO is currently reviewing the modeling contract. We will thoroughly discuss the situation at hand to come to an educated decision on the matter. When we reach an agreement, we will update you on the changes to any future promotions.

All contents modeled by Stray Kids up to the controversy has been removed, except at some distributors mentioned above. CLIO will continue to work with the brand’s loyal customers to provide the best service possible. Thank you.


This is not the first time an allegation against a model has affected a cosmetic brand. In fact, Korean brands are quick to respond to controversies — as, from a business standpoint, any controversy plays a direct impact on their sales and they want to minimize any possible side effects.

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