JYP Entertainment Denies All Bullying Allegations Made Against Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

They will be taking legal action.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

JYP Entertainment has firmly denied all of the bullying accusations made against Stray Kids member, Hyunjin.

| JYP Entertainment

Hyunjin was previously accused of bullying and inflicting violence on his former classmates. The classmate posted their story onto an online community, sharing their alleged experience with the Stray Kids member.

I didn’t expect Hwang Hyunjin to debut as an idol and be loved and supported by many people. It might have been a joke when they were younger, but I am a person that suffered from school violence at the hands of Hyunjin, and as I said before, I didn’t think that he would ever be an idol, so I didn’t collect any evidence, just a certification of the school we went to together, my memories, and friends’ testimonies.

The hell that I went through would have been buried if he wasn’t a celebrity, but when Hyunjin debuted as an idol, the memories came back to haunt me every time I saw him on TV.

— Alleged victim

After looking into the rumors, JYP Entertainment released an official statement denying all the allegations.

| JYP Entertainment

Hello, it is JYP Entertainment.

Currently, there have been rumors circulating on different online communities about Hyunjin. We are writing this in regards to the issue.

Firstly, we are doing everything we can to ensure that we have all the facts regarding the situation.

At the time when the issue was raised, we asked for the opinions of those who went to the same school as the member in question. If the acquaintances gave us permission, we had plans to go listen to their opinions directly.

It has been confirmed, however, that there are many discrepancies in the circulating allegations. After we confirmed this, we have concluded that this rumor was released with malicious intent. We want to find out the facts and will be taking different routes to conduct a detailed investigation so that nothing is distorted.

We will be taking legal action against these lies that are being spread. Our company will do its best to find out the truth, as well as protect our artists. We will respond strongly to those who spread rumors.

Thank you.

— JYP Entertainment

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