Cosmetic Brand Peripera Removes All Posts Featuring (G)I-DLE’s Soojin From Their Social Media Platforms

The official model reveal was originally scheduled to take place March 1, 2021 KST.

The Korean cosmetic brand Peripera — beloved in Korea and around the world for their lip tint products — built high anticipation among (G)I-DLE fans when it “teased” a new model reveal to happen March 1, 2021 KST.

A screenshot of Peripera’s since-deleted tweet teasing Soojin’s model debut. | @periperakr/Twitter

Have a good weekend and we’ll meet soon!

— Peripera

Shortly after the tweet, Peripera began using promotional posters featuring member Soojin. (G)I-DLE fans loved the uncanny resemblance between the Peripera brand’s “character” (which used to appear on their older collection of tint products) and the brand’s new model!

A promotional poster featuring Soojin on display at the Peripera section in a cosmetic store. | Twitter

Following the recent bullying allegation against the member, however, Peripera told the Korean media Sports Khan that they are “working on resolving the issue regarding the model.”

By March 1, 2021 KST — despite that Soojin and her agency, CUBE Entertainment, denied all allegations made against her — Peripera ended up removing all traces of Soojin from the brand’s official social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter.

Peripera’s Instagram feed as of March 1, 2021 KST. | @peripera_official/Instagram

This is not the first time an allegation against a model has affected a cosmetic brand. In fact, Korean brands are quick to respond to controversies — as, from a business standpoint, any controversy plays a direct impact on their sales and they want to minimize any possible side effects. When a contract is terminated due to the model’s controversy, the model and/or the agency is known to pay an average termination penalty of 200-300% the signed royalty.

When signing a modeling contract, brands often include a ‘morals clause,’ binding both parties involved to prohibit certain behaviors. This, then, becomes the basis of their termination and penalty request when something does happen. While the clause itself is vague and open to interpretation — meaning its implementation also varies by the contract period and the situation at hand, an average termination penalty ranges from 200-300% of the initially signed modeling royalty.


Peripera is yet to verify whether the brand’s contract with (G)I-DLE’s Soojin has been or will be terminated.

Source: Sports Khan, @peripera_official and News1

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