‘JUSTICE FOR SOOJIN’ Petition Receives 160,000+ Signatures Following Her Removal From (G)I-DLE

“Soojin’s petition being one of the top signed within the website says a lot about the impact of her sudden departure.”

On August 14, (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin officially withdrew from the group due to the controversies caused by her previous school bullying accusations. Only a few hours later, a Neverland under the name of Zosia Prech created a petition to Cube Entertainment demanding her return.

“JUSTICE FOR SOOJIN” Petition | Zosia Prech/change.org

One of the main problems fans have regarding the situation is that Soojin herself was not allowed to give an official statement, which Prech explained in detail.

WE WANT OUR SOOJIN BACK!! She does NOT deserve ANY of this. Even IF (we didn’t even get an explanation) she made mistakes, kicking her out of (G)I-DLE is NOT a solution! (G)I-DLE is and forever will be 6. BRING SOOJIN BACK, CUBE! GIVE US AN EXPLANATION!! JUSTICE FOR SOOJIN!! Soojin was FALSELY accused of school bullying (which was YEARS ago) and had a fight with her friend when she was 12. Isn’t it ridiculous to kick somebody out of the group because of that?? We got no explanation, Soojin didn’t even get to speak up about it!! JUSTICE FOR SOOJIN!!

— Zosia Prech

Soojin’s last personal update about the scandal was posted half a year ago, which she concluded by saying “I will continue to fight to reveal the truth about the things I did not do.” After that, it was practically radio silence on Soojin’s and the company’s end until her removal was all of a sudden announced by a staff member at Cube Entertainment.

Hello. This is Cube Entertainment. Firstly, we bow our heads in apology for concerning you with the matter of our company artist, Seo Soojin’s controversy. We would like to inform you that it was decided that Seo Soojin will withdraw from the group effective today.

— Cube Entertainment

In a mere three days, the amount of signatures supporting the reinstatement of Soojin has already passed 160,000, with the number only continuing to rise as time goes on.

| Zosia Prech/change.org

At the time of publishing, there has been no response from Cube Entertainment. Still, fans are hoping that Soojin will at least be able to see how so many Neverlands still support her wholeheartedly.

What do you think about the situation?

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