Actress Seo Shin Ae’s YouTube Channel Gets Terrorized With Hate Comments Following Soojin’s Removal From (G)I-DLE

The actress is being blamed for “ruining Soojin’s career,” according to the comments.

Following the news of now-former member Soojin leaving (G)I-DLE after months of hiatus sparked by her multiple school bullying allegations…

Former (G)I-DLE member Soojin | Hankyung

Hello. This is Cube Entertainment… We would like to inform you that it was decided that Seo Soojin will withdraw from the group effective today. In the future, (G)I-DLE will proceed to promote as a 5 member group…

— Cube Entertainment

…actress Seo Shin Ae is now facing online hate from some extreme (G)I-DLE fans.

Actress Seo Shin Ae | @seoshinae/Instagram

The actress has remained a “target” for the cyberbullies after she exposed her personal history with Soojin. Since the initial reveal, Seo Shin Ae’s Instagram suffered a tremendous amount of negative comments about “ruining Soojin’s career.” The comments section has been turned off since.

A collection of hateful comments from one of Seo Shin Ae’s Instagram posts. | @seoshinae/Instagram

With Soojin’s withdrawal from the group, now the commenting has moved platforms to Seo Shin Ae’s YouTube channel. Under a completely unrelated vlog video, alleged Soojin fans are leaving charged remarks about Seo Shin Ae “getting what she wanted” by “[labeling] a person based on what happened many years ago.”

Recent comments under Seo Shin Ae’s BIKY vlog video. | SHINAE’S CINEMA/YouTube

Multiple Korean news outlets are reporting on the comments as a form of “hate terror against Seo Shin Ae.” In response, Seo Shin Ae’s fans and Korean netizens are rushing to the rescue—to leave supportive, encouraging comments that will replace the negativity.

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Source: NEWSIS

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