Police Makes Formal Decision On Former (G)I-DLE Soojin’s Lawsuit Against Her Bullying Accuser

This marks the end of the case.

It has been about a year since former (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin left the group due to a bullying allegation. The case was a long one, starting with an allegation surfacing on a community site. The exposer claimed that Soojin had hung out with the wrong crowd and was a delinquent and bully herself. The flames were fanned when Soojin was accused specifically of bullying child actress Seo Shin Ae. Although Soojin denied all claims of bullying, she ended up withdrawing from the group.

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Soojin had filed a lawsuit against the first exposer, claiming slander and falsehood. A year later, on September 8, 2022, Soojin’s legal counsel provided a statement to the media regarding the case. According to Soojin’s legal representative, they decided not to continue with the lawsuit. The police had advised against it, given that the case would likely end up as a her-word-against-yours type of case.

Seo Soojin had filed a lawsuit, taking the legal steps against the exposer as a way to end the controversy, but they were ruled not guilty. At the end of a few rounds of discussion, we decided that there was a limit to the investigation of truth through legal means regarding the exposé, so we decided not to pursue the lawsuit any further.

— Soojin’s legal representative, Choi Seung Hwan

Soojin had previously admitted to arguing with the exposer back in the day, even cursing at her. However, she strongly denied any use of violence and bullying.

Her representative explained that Soojin did not admit to being guilty as she strictly did not assault or extort money from anyone. Furthermore, Soojin was ruled innocent during the School Violence Committee back in middle school.

In the end, it was advised by the police not to pursue the case.

The police decided not to process the lawsuit for the reason that [the post] could be the truth from the point of view of the exposer, and hence, it would not have been intended to spread falsehoods. There is no other evidence to prove the facts apart from the conflicting statements of those involved.

— Soojin’s legal representative, Choi Seung Hwan

Ultimately, Soojin had been careful about providing a statement regarding the matter but decided that it was what she could do for the fans who have been cheering her on up to now. Her representative concludes that although she had acted immaturely and in an unsavory manner in her younger days, she had not committed bullying or school violence.

Source: Chosun

Former (G)I-DLE Soojin's Bullying Allegation