(G)I-DLE’s Soojin Denies Bullying Allegations Involving Seo Shin Ae And More

She has concluded her statement on the matter.

Following (G)I-DLE Soojin‘s denial of the bullying allegations made towards her on Instagram, she has also denied and explained the issues regarding actress Seo Shin Ae. Through a lengthy post on U-CUBE, Soojin expressed her heartfelt apology for having caused so many concerns. She has also requested for Seo Shin Ae to release an official statement regarding the issue.

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From #7 on, I will share my point of view toward each individual accusatory posts by other people (unrelated to Schoolmate B and her unnie.)

7. The friend who danced with me during graduation

  • I remember I got along with this friend from the third (senior) year of high school onwards, but we did not keep in touch after graduation. We didn’t hang out together in school, but I remember hanging out with her after school. I thought we were close friends as I knew about the ongoings of her family.
  • I never asked her to come over and eat at my house a day or two before graduation only to make her memorize a choreography. She and I practiced together for a month and a half at my place. My dad even remembers who that friend is, as well as how the unit downstairs contacted him about the noise we ended up making.
  • I emailed the music files over a period of few months and this I can verify as the sent receipts exist as proof in my inbox.

8. Regarding the Instagram posts from actress Seo Shin Ae

  • Just as my first statement mentioned, I have never conversed with actress Seo Shin Ae during my school days. Before this whole thing, I didn’t even know which class she was in.
  • I never put cigarettes on her desk or stole her graduation letters.
  • In fact, this is the first time I heard about such rumors. That goes to show how little I knew about the schoolmate Seo Shin Ae. I have never bullied her or cursed her out.
  • Every time I released a statement, actress Seo Shin Ae also posted something, making a lot of people believe that I have bullied her.
  • My agency tried contacting hers, but there has been no response.
  • I have nothing to hide. So I hereby request actress Seo Shin Ae to make herself clear with an official statement on this issue.

9. Regarding the padded jacket incident

  • I don’t know how to clarify this as it did not happen. I can, however, explain why the allegation made by this accuser should be difficult to believe.
  • The accuser claimed that in 7th grade, I slapped her and drew on her padded jacket with a marker. This is not true.
  • The accuser also insisted that during the time of the alleged bullying, a friend stepped up to help and comfort her. As I’ve checked with this friend, the person in question does not remember having done so.
  • When the public requested the accuser to prove that the jacket had been scribbled on, she claimed that she sold it. And she sold it recently, not back when it happened. This means a padded jacket from a decade ago was sold. The accuser then asked the buyer to send a photo of the purchased jacket. Based on that chat log between the accuser and the buyer, the scribbles had not been erased at the time of sale. The buyer, however, replied that the scribbles probably washed off since the purchase. It is hard to believe that a decade-old scribble would have washed off so easily. It is also hard to believe that the accuser would have left my alleged scribble untouched for a decade.
  • When the accuser listed the padded jacket for sale, she did not state anywhere that the product was a damaged one. It is, by default, necessary to state if an item for sale is damaged. Also, if a damaged item is to go up for sale, it is natural to upload pictures of the said damages. So it is hard to believe that the accuser didn’t leave a single picture of the jacket’s damages.
  • The product listed for sale is actually not the same model which was released when I was a middle schooler. Regarding this, the accuser clarified that she used the wrong information because she believed the two models to be the same. After the public requested the accuser to verify the actual model of the padded jacket she sold — giving her directions on how to do so, she has not since given any response.
  • When the accuser first brought up the allegation, the accuser said that in 9th grade, she was in homeroom #2 while I was in homeroom #1. She insisted I was in homeroom #1 because all the ‘problematic kids’ were in homeroom #1 led by the disciplinary teacher. I was in homeroom #2 and my homeroom teacher was an English teacher. Also, homeroom #1 was not a class designated for problematic kids. The accuser then couldn’t remember if she was in homeroom #2 or #5. Her memory is obviously not reliable.
  • The accuser mentioned I had friends in her homeroom class so I was in the classroom often. But in 9th grade, my best friend and I were assigned the same homeroom so I don’t remember having gone to other classes to hang out.
  • Please keep in mind that classrooms #1 and #2 were on the same floor, while the rest of the 9th grade classrooms were on a different floor. The accuser stated that I often ‘went upstairs’ to visit, which then cannot be true.

10. All other accusations that I slapped people, stole money from them, and/or made them outcasts are false.

  • I cannot explain in detail things that are false to begin with. I have never done such things during my school days.

I tried to be objective without being emotional and not to distort the truth. My statement came late not because I am dishonorable. It is because I believe, being in my position, my words have a huge effect on others, so I was trying to be careful of how I express myself. I know that every single thing I say comes with a big responsibility and a bigger impact.

At the time I shared my first statement, I was already branded a bully due to a particular actress’s post. As I rushed to release a statement, it came without careful construction and it eventually caused even more misunderstanding. Hence, I thought with my next statement I will need to be more thoughtful. Please note, however, I did not lie in my first statement.

I knew that admitting to have smoked as a minor would be a huge blow to my career as a female idol. However, in order to be honest with everyone, I put everything on the line to admit that. I have smoked a few times out of curiosity and I am aware of how big of a mistake that is. I admit that I deserve the criticism about this and I am really sorry.

I have proceeded with lawsuits against all the rumors and lies and they will be dealt with by law. If the law decides there is any wrongdoing on my part, I will withdraw from the team and accept all penalties. That is a given. But I will continue to fight to reveal the truth about the things I did not do. Once again, I deeply apologize for having caused so much trouble. I will remain honest until this is all resolved.

Thank you.

— Soojin

The first part to this lengthy statement, whereby she denied the Instagram accusations, can be read here. CUBE Entertainment has since stated that they will be proceeding with lawsuits against the fabrications.

Source: UCUBE

Former (G)I-DLE Soojin's Bullying Allegation