Cosmic Girls’ 3 Chinese Members May Have Left The Group For Good — According To Fans

They found even more alleged evidence.

Hawk-like Cosmic Girls fans may have discovered some unsettling evidence, which they believe confirms the departure of the group’s Chinese members.

Cosmic Girls | Starship Entertainment

These rumors about the three Chinese members have circulated before, as Cheng XiaoMeiqi, and Xuanyi have not taken part in any Cosmic Girls promotions since 2018. They have also gained massive popularity overseas, as they have been keeping busy with their activities in China.

Cheng Xiao was previously featured as a dance mentor on the survival program, Idol Producer, where she made a positive impression with viewers. Since her appearance on the show, she solidified her star status in China.

Cheng Xiao on “Idol Producer” | iQiyi

Meiqi and Xuanyi also appeared on a survival show, but as contestants and not as mentors. The two girls competed on Produce 101 China, where they both saw grand success. They eventually made it to the end of the program and made their debut with Rocket Girls 101 in China, where they also experienced overnight popularity.

Meiqi (left) and Xuanyi (right) on “Produce 101 China” | CJ E&M

With their success in their home country, rumors began to spread that Cheng Xiao, Meiqi, and Xuanyi would no longer be returning to South Korea to promote with Cosmic Girls. In fact, it was further reported that the title of ‘Cosmic Girls’ was removed from their personal social media accounts.

Chengxiao’s Instagram biography without the “WJSN” title | Instagram

With all that said, however, Cosmic Girls’ fans continued to remain optimistic as the girl group’s label Starship Entertainment never confirmed nor denied the allegations. However, with the most recent discovery, fans may have given up their hopes on a 13-member comeback.

According to fans, the official Cosmic Girls Twitter account underwent an aesthetic change and along with the altered visuals, was a very noticeable omission of the number “13.”

Cosmic Girls’ Twitter account before, with “13 members” included in the biography | @WJSN_Cosmic/Twitter

The new Cosmic Girls’ Twitter account was unveiled looking much different — the black background, the white text, and the missing number “13.”

Cosmic Girls’ Twitter account after the change without the “13 members” in the biography | WJSN_Cosmic/Twitter

After this change went public, Cosmic Girls’ fans began to express their panic and sadness over the impending “confirmation” that they have been waiting for the past 4 years.

This fan shared their panic upon seeing the new change in the official Twitter account for the girl group. They expressed their desire for Starship Entertainment to speak up on the circulating rumors.

Another fan seemed to have given up on OT13 Cosmic Girls, as they share their sadness upon hearing the unconfirmed news.

This particular fan mentioned a rumor about Starship Entertainment’s alleged announcement method if the day came when the departure of the Chinese members ever became official. This fan alleged that the label would remove the number “13” from the official social media accounts, which is exactly what happened.

Another fan reminisced about OT13 and their sadness about the changed Twitter aesthetic.

Starship Entertainment has not yet stepped forward to confirm nor deny these continuing rumors about Cheng Xiao, Meiqi, and Xuanyi’s alleged departures from the girl group.

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