Cosmic Girls’ Luda Clarifies Ridiculous Dating Rumors

What a relief.

Cosmic GirlsLuda recently held a live stream where she finally decided to speak out on the rumors that had been plaguing her from years ago. Luda claimed that she was able to clarify things now as she was in her 6th year as an idol, compared to when she was a rookie.

Back in the day, Luda had been accused of dating due to her specific answer to a question on her ideal type. She had named someone that was left-handed and good at using chopsticks as an ideal type previously. Her odd answers sparked the rumors.

On August 18, 2021, during the live stream, Luda claimed that her comments had been taken out of context.

I’m into my 6th year now. So I should speak up on it now. I originally am bad at using chopsticks. If you’re not skilled at it from young, when you become an adult, it may cause you to look bad. So I fixed my skills and so I began to think that it’s not a hard thing to do. So I said that my ideal type was someone that is good at using chopsticks which caused the misunderstanding. For me, I’m an example of a good case because I was bad at it but fixed it through my own efforts, so I picked someone that is good at using chopsticks as my ideal type. I’ve never said anything about it being left-handed. I hope there are no misunderstandings. Currently, I don’t think being able to use chopsticks is very important. I really wanted to clarify this so I feel relieved now.

— Luda

Whew! What a relief for her that she finally could speak on it.

Source: Star Today

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