Cosmic Girls Xuan Yi Is In A “Bed Scene” For An Upcoming Movie

Fans have mixed feelings about her risque movie.

Cosmic Girl‘s Xuan Yi is in a sexy scene for an upcoming Chinese movie and fans are a bit taken aback.


Xuan Yi debuted as part of the “joy unit” of Cosmic Girl in 2016 with their first mini album Would you like? This is Xuan Yi’s first ever movie role.

She describes herself as “bubbly and happy, like bubbly cider.”


The movie is called “Marna” and is a historical romance set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 70s, based on the diary of a young woman discovering her sexuality.


The trailer shows Xuan Yi, who plays the lead role, being undressed by one of her love interests.


Although the film is rated PG-15 and Xuan Yi is an adult, her status as a rookie idol is making fans worried about her image.


The film was shot in 2016, less than a year when she debuted with Cosmic Girls.

They debuted with a focus on a very innocent image.


While some netizens are wondering why Xuan Yi was cast in the overly sexual movie due to the mixed response to nudity, others are excited to see how well she’ll perform as an actress.


Source: INSTIZ

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