Fans Start Countdown to BIGBANG Comeback With Trending #BigBangIsAlive

VIPs, are you ready?

Despite all the controversies and scandals that BIGBANG has had over the last couple of years, and their reduction to being a now 4-member group, VIPs are still excited to see BIGBANG perform again.

Now that all the members have finished their enlistments, fans of the group have taken to social media to show their excitement for BIGBANG’s upcoming Coachella 2020 performance, which is coming up soon on April 10. Using the hashtag #BigBangIsAlive, VIPs are counting down the days to this historic performance.

It’s still unknown whether or not the group will release new music after their performance as a 4-member group, but fans can be hopeful that the legendary K-Pop group will stay reunited after their Coachella performance and bless the world with new music.

Their last comeback, “Flower Road”, was released two years ago, and VIPs can’t wait to finally hear more from their beloved idols.