Court Denies Director Hong Sang Soo’s Divorce Filed So He Could Marry Actress Kim Min Hee

He remains married to his wife.

Mid-2018, South Korean movie director Hong Sang Soo, equally well known for his controversial relationship with actress Kim Min Hee, filed for divorce with his current wife – allegedly so he can officially end the affair and marry the actress. The court has ruled against Hong Sang Soo and denied his request, so he remains married to his wife.


Judge Kim Sang Jin, in charge of Hong Sang Soo’s divorce case, was aware of how socially controversial the case had become. Prior to revealing the verdict, the judge stated, “I understand a lot of people are interested in one of the cases I’ll be delivering today. Please direct the questions separately. Today, I’m only going to share the result.”


The judge then denied the filed divorce case, stating that Hong Sang Soo is the one responsible for the marriage failing and so he cannot be the one to end it. He also pointed out that Hong Sang Soo has not been diligent in his effort to heal the relationship between his wife and daughter after he has caused them emotional pain with his affair with Kim Min Hee.

Hong Sang Soo and his wife’s marriage is at a bad place. But Hong Sang Soo is the one mainly responsible for this downfall. The court does not allow the one responsible to file a divorce unless special exceptions. Hong Sang Soo’s case is not a special exception, and so the divorce is denied.

— Judge Kim Sang Jin


Hong Sang Soo’s attempt to get a divorce actually began in 2016. His wife has, since then, remained unshaken by the stories of Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee. She refused to sign the papers for the director and continued to battle to keep the family together. Three years later, the court has ruled in her favor in maintaining the marriage.


Netizens are largely satisfied with the court’s decision to deny the divorce case. This means Hong Sang Soo’s relationship with actress Kim Min Hee will remain an affair. While the director “expressed that he was willing to take the criticism and push for the divorce for the sake of the actress”, Kim Min Hee is also receiving heavy criticism for pursuing Hong Sang Soo regardless of his marital status.

LOL. He got what he deserves.

— Netizen

Of course he can’t win the divorce. He’s the offender in this case. If his wife says the marriage is still on, the marriage is on.

— Netizen

Hope you’re happy in love… IN AN AFFAIR THAT THE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT. Filthy.

— Netizen

Source: Ilgan Sports, THEQOO and SBS
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