Director Hong Sang Soo Files For Divorce Again In Order To Marry Kim Min Hee

His wife refused the first time, so he’s trying again.

It has been reported that Director Hong Sang Soo has refiled for a divorce after it was denied the first time.


Hong Sang Soo filed for a divorce back in November 2016 but his wife refused to sign the papers 7 times out of determination to protect her family. As a result, it was confirmed on July 18 that the divorce failed to go through.


Shortly after, Hong Sang Soo made it clear that he would refile for the divorce, mainly in order to marry Kim Min Hee. The director expressed that he was willing to take the criticism and push for the divorce for the sake of the actress.


Meanwhile, the couple continues to receive criticism from netizens who disapprove of their relationship.

  • “Are you happy you ruined your whole family?”
  • “Your love is truly disgusting.”
  • “Seriously what is so good about that damn grandpa that makes her want to pull apart a family and hurt another person for him? I just cannot understand Kim Min Hee.”
  • “I hope she never accepts the divorce and Kim Min Hee would forever remain a mistress!”
  • “Would Kim Min Hee still take him if he gave his entire asset to his wife? If it’s true love, show them that it’s possible.”
  • “I hope Kim Min Hee’s dad leaves his wife for a young girl so that she can see her mom get abandoned and see how that feels.”
  • “Well, if Hong gives all his money to his wife and begs her to just grant him the divorce, the public opinion may change.”
  • “A grandpa and his grandchild.”
  • “I wouldn’t let him have the divorce either.”
  • “I don’t want to hear news about no crazy people.”


After Hong Sang Soo left his family for Kim Min Hee, the controversial couple was even rumored to have gotten married in the United States back in 2016.

Kim Min Hee And Hong Sang Soo Allegedly Married In United States In Celebrity Cheating Scandal


Then, a closely related source revealed that the couple had broken up earlier this year.

Controversial Couple Director Hong Sang Su And Actress Kim Min Hee Broke Up After 1 Year


Despite the news of their breakup from the source, the couple is evidently still going strong and putting up a fight to achieve their happy ending.

Source: Sports Chosun