Rookie Idol And His TikToker “Twin” Finally Meet — Management Gets Slammed With Unexpected Reactions

“Starting to wonder if people at STARSHIP use their brains at all…”

In STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT‘s latest social media updates, rookie group CRAVITY‘s Hyeongjun had K-Pop fans doing a double take…

TikToker Lee Han Sam (left) with CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun (right) | @CRAVITYstarship/Twitter

…collaborating with TikTok star Lee Han Sam. The TikToker, dubbed the idol’s “doppelganger” for obvious reasons, has gone viral numerous times before for his unbelievable resemblance.

TikToker Lee Han Sam | @saam_ei/Instagram

The two snapped photos, boasting their similarities, completed the #CheeseChallenge, and even made some reels together.

Most K-Pop fans reacted to the collaboration with pleasant surprise, pointing out how it’s “impossible to tell the two apart.”

The TikTok video shared to CRAVITY’s official account saw hundreds of comments from the bamboozled international fans.

| @cravityofficial/TikTok

However, the collaboration also caused some backlash from CRAVITY fans who, according to their interpretations, believed “the TikToker [to be] using Hyeongjun for clout.”

CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun | @CRAVITYstarship/Twitter

The YouTube short of the twinning pair’s #CheeseChallenge soon collected upset comments demanding the video be taken down. These fans alleged that Lee has previously expressed his discontent with “being compared” to the idol.

| @CRAVITYofficial/YouTube
  • “What did Hyeongjun ever do to you, STARSHIP? He is diligent and works hard. So how come you’re making things more difficult for him? This is the first time I’m watching a video with Hyeongjun in it and I feel unhappy. My heart breaks for Hyeongjun. Do you even know what the fans want? Please, I beg you. Take this video down.”
  • “When Hyeongjun was on that PRODUCE show and getting all kinds of unimaginable attacks, STARSHIP didn’t protect him. Not once did the management step up and pursue legal action. So STARSHIP doesn’t care how Hyeongjun feels, and that’s why they upload videos like this. STARSHIP is basically allowing Hyeongjun to get made fun of. And yet, I bet Hyeongjun is  loyal and grateful to the management. Please delete this video.”
  • “This is so frustrating. I’ve never seen an idol management be this horrendous at managing their idols.”
  • “I hope Hyeongjun knows that he’s not the cause of fans getting upset. He’s not at fault. I would never want him to let this get to him.”
  • “Starting to wonder if people at STARSHIP use their brains at all…”
  • “Look… The fans are demanding the video be taken down BECAUSE they are fans and they care for Hyeongjun. If the fans believed this collaboration to have a positive impact on Hyeonjun’s life and career, they wouldn’t react the way they are reacting right now. So… Please have some respect for Hyeongjun, STARSHIP. You dumb management that I would’ve otherwise never cared for.”
  • “Never in my life did I think I’d leave a negative comment under my baby’s video. But I wanted to say a few things because, otherwise, I don’t think STARSHIP is going to learn the lesson. Whose idea was this collaboration? Please fire that person. They have no idea what they’re doing. Fans don’t really like TikToker collaborations anyway… But to have that TikToker be someone who was hostile toward Hyeongjun?! Excuse me??? STARSHIP is basically out to ruin Hyeongjun’s reputation, it’s ridiculous. Please delete this video. Who even wants to see this stuff?”
  • “People are THIS mad and STARSHIP still hasn’t taken the video down… It’s impressive, TBH. Lmao.”

CRAVITY fans criticized STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT for failing to read the room and “being oblivious to the fans’ sentiments toward the TikToker.”

Fans are upset for a reason. It’s not unreasonable frustration. The TikToker has repeatedly said he didn’t want to be associated with CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun. So he should’ve turned the opportunity down, if he truly preferred to remain unassociated. Why did STARSHIP invite him to shoot the challenge? Now, he’s talking about ‘Hyeongjunie’ on his Instagram stories… Like, that’s hilarious. Isn’t it obvious why the fans are offended by the TikToker’s behavior? When he was the one to hate first?

— Comment via theqoo

Since then, some have stepped up to defend the TikToker. Regardless, the unexpected reactions continue as all content remain visible on the social media platforms.

Source: theqoo