CSJH’s Stephanie Admits to Dating Former MLB All-Star Brady Anderson in Handwritten Letter

Stephanie shared her side of the story.

It was previously reported by Osen that CSJH‘s Stephanie (32) was dating former MLB all-star, Brady Anderson (56), and Stephanie admitted that the reports are true in a handwritten letter that she shared with fans.


The translated letter reads as follows:

Hello, this is Stephanie.

I know many of you must’ve been startled by the sudden news today. I apologize for having to tell you my side of the story via social media due to the reason that I don’t have an agency at the moment.

I thought it was best that I had to tell my boyfriend in the States about this first before telling all of you, so it took a bit of time, but I’m posting this so that I can tell you about it as soon as possible.

It’s true that I’m dating Brady Anderson.

Since you don’t know my personal contact information, I understand that you were unable to confirm the information, but the rumors about my retirement or that I went MIA are false, so I ask that you refrain from causing chaos with reports that are not true.

I’m currently rehearsing for my next ballet project in Korea and I’m always waiting to be called for broadcasts. So this is a plead to all reporters.

Please don’t write such things and hurt my fans who are supporting me and cheering me on.

Since this is my first dating news since debuting, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I thought it was best to admit to it honestly.

We met through good faithful connection, and we’re doing well now, so please look upon us favorably.

– Stephanie

Although he is now retired, Brady Anderson was the Baltimore Orioles’ number 1 hitter during his time in the MLB, and Stephanie is currently promoting as a musical actress since her departure from SM Entertainment in 2016.

Source: Dispatch