C.T.O’s YC Reveals His True Thoughts Regarding His Fame As Lee Kwang Soo’s Lookalike

His fellow member, Sean revealed his true thoughts as well.

In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, Chinese idol group, C.T.O‘s YC spoke about his fame as Lee Kwang Soo‘s lookalike.

| @c.t.o_official/Instagram

Earlier this year, GIFs of YC blew up because many were shocked by just how much he resembled Lee Kwang Soo.


As soon as the resemblance blew up online, it was even mentioned on SBS‘s Running Man where Lee Kwang Soo himself acknowledged the resemblance.

And in the interview, YC revealed his true thoughts on his fame in Korea.

If the opportunity comes, I want to appear in lots of variety shows, and I’d love to work together with Lee Kwang Soo.

— YC

When asked whether or not he first knew he was famous in Korea, YC confessed that he saw his name on search engines.

I knew my name was being searched on search engines.

— YC

| @c.t.o_official/Instagram

YC also expressed how he felt when he found that he was mentioned on Running Man as well.

Running Man is a really popular TV show, so it was an honor to be mentioned there. I saw a news article talking about how Lee Kwang Soo was shocked by my photo, and I even shared that article in group chats.

— YC

Not only was YC proud, but so was his fellow member, Sean.

I was proud. I could say we were on Running Man through that footage.

— Sean

C.T.O debuted in 2018, and YC blew up in online communities after his appearance on the Chinese survival show, We Are Young.

Will YC get to meet Lee Kwang Soo?

Fans can only hope.

Source: Insight
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