Netizens Criticize (G)I-DLE For Changing The Lyrics To “Wife”

The original was deemed unfit for broadcast.

(G)I-DLE‘s new song, “Wife,” was recently deemed unfit for broadcast. The song did not pass the regulations due to its allegedly overly sexual lyrics.

KBS Deems (G)I-DLE’s Track “Wife” Unfit For Broadcasting — Netizens react

Swallow it deeper because I feel good
I cook cream soup, taste is Coco Loco
Want me your wife, but she is mm, mm, mm
I clean your room, it’s so twinkle, twinkle
Want me your wife, but she is mm, mm, mm
Wife, I make you feel so high

— “Wife” lyrics

On January 24, 2024, CUBE Entertainment contested the decision and reapplied using edited lyrics. They changed a part of the song lyrics in order to be deemed appropriate for public broadcast. This decision is likely due to the fact that most groups need to promote on music shows. Although “Wife” is not the title track, it will likely be promoted as a side track.

| CUBE Entertainment

Koreans have pointed out a couple of sexualized lyrics, such as “eat that cherry from the top,” “kiss me carefully, then boldly eat it all,” “if you learned it, then get up on top of me too.” In response to the news of the resubmission, netizens have not taken to it kindly. They criticize the group and company for not sticking to their guts. Although they released the song as a satirical commentary, they bowed when faced with not being able to promote the song.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • They really look so uncool.
  • Just put a mature rating on it.
  • Just boldly label it as for mature audiences.
  • Isn’t it at the point where they need to change all the lyrics?
  • They’re so cowardly. Guess they can’t give up broadcast promotions.
  • They don’t have a backbone, neither do they have any coolness.

Catch the music video below.



Source: theqoo