Cube Entertainment finally announces debut date for boy group PENTAGON

An exact date for PENTAGON‘s impending debut is finally officially announced by Cube Entertainment.

The third boy group from Cube Entertainment, following BEAST and BTOB, is likely to comprise ten members, the largest group the label houses. PENTAGON will debut with their first mini album, PENTAGON, on October 10th at midnight. This news was relayed through various SNS platforms, as official Twitter and Facebook accounts for the group were newly created.

Earlier in the year, internal conflict within the entertainment company caused a delay in the group’s supposed July debut. However, with the return of founder Hong Seung Sung, things seem to be getting back on the right track, and fans do not have to wait much longer till PENTAGON’s debut.

Even prior to their debut, the members already gained popularity through their own reality survival show, Pentagon Maker, as well as receiving love calls for photoshoots. There is much anticipation on the talents of these young bloods, who were born between 1993 and 1998.