“What Is CUBE Entertainment Thinking?!” Netizens Criticize Label After Its Former Trainees Go Viral On “Boys Planet”

“Why didn’t CUBE debut them when they were trainees?”

Two former CUBE Entertainment trainees who are contestants on Mnet‘s Boys Planet have netizens imagining, “What could have been?”

Poster for Boys Planet | Mnet

On February 3, a post titled “Why People Are Saying CUBE Is Crazy” went viral. In less than 24 hours, the post has already been viewed over 130K times and was commented on over 300 times.

In the posts were clips of Boys Planet contestants Sung Hanbin and Seok Matthew. The two contestants are winning over many fans.

Just looking at his face makes me feel full.

— @zzzzomii/Twitter

I just remembered. I bragged that his special kit had just come out, and Seok Matthew gave me a kind laugh.

— @cherryz_O/Twitter

The author of the post explains that the two contestants were former CUBE Entertainment trainees.

| Mnet

| Mnet

The netizen then alleges that because the two idols were born in 2001 and 2002, respectively, they could have debuted in a group with other CUBE Entertainment artists, such as Produce 101 stand out and former Wanna One member Lai Guanlin, actor Yoo Seon Ho, and former Show Me The Money contestant Jo Woo Chan.

Lai Guanlin | @official_lai_kuanlin/Instagram

Yoo Seon Ho | @official_yooseonho/Instagram

The netizen then alleged that ever since CUBE Entertainment lost a lawsuit filed by Lai Guanlin to terminate his contract, the label has been disbanding its boy group trainees. Previously, the label lost a lawsuit in which they were alleged to have sold the management rights to Lai Guanlin to a third party in China without consent. 

Lai Guanlin Wins Exclusive Contract Dispute Against Cube Entertainment

The post’s author then writes that this is the reason CUBE Entertainment has not debuted a male idol in the past seven years and that the label had kicked away an opportunity to debut a group that had the potential to be really successful.

Netizens agreed with the author and stated that had the former trainees debuted together, the group would have won over many fans. Netizens expressed disappointment at CUBE Entertainment for kicking away their good fortune.

  • “Because it was a group with Guanlin and Seon Ho, there would have been other good members, right? I imagine that the group exists in another dimension.”
  • “I was waiting for Seonho and Guanlin to debut, and when I watched Boys Planet yesterday, I knew, ㅠㅠ. Had they debuted in one group, I would have 100% stanned them.”
  • “A group with Guanlin, Seon Ho, and Woo Chan would have been successful no matter what…”
  • “Why didn’t you debut them when they were trainees? Crazy.”
  • “Guanlin… ㅠㅠ. I was waiting for him and Seon Ho…”
  • “Honestly, CUBE Entertainment’s current state is self-inflicted…”

What are your thoughts? Did CUBE Entertainment make a mistake by not debuting the artists together in a group?

Source: theqoo