Culprit Behind 2nd “Nth Room” Sex Abuse Case Revealed to Be a 12-Year-Old Boy in Elementary School

Since the boy is underage, he won’t be punished for the crime.

Most of the culprits who sold and circulated pornographic material in a Discord channel have been revealed to be underage.

And among them is a 12-year-old elementary school student, who made and managed the channel himself, but due to being underage, he is set to be released without punishment.


The Gyeonggi Police recently arrested a 20-year-old college student, Mr. A for selling and circulating pornographic material, and an additional 9 suspects were booked without detention.

According to the police, 3 of the culprits including Mr. A managed a channel that sold pornography for money, and the remaining 7 circulated it.


Mr. A circulated pornographic material in the Discord channel and lured paid members in order to increase profits.

He is also suspected of circulating Photoshopped photos and videos of celebrities.

Two of the administrators are underage, and one of them was 12 years old and still in elementary school at the time.


But due to the fact that he is underage with no criminal responsibility, he will likely be sent to criminal court for a maximum of 2 years in juvenile hall with no criminal history.


Aside from the 12-year-old boy, 5 others suspected of circulating pornographic material in the channel are in their teens from ages 12 to 17.


Source: Insight and Dispatch

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case