Daegu City Criticized For Their Creation Of A BTS Tour Package Without Discussion With BigHit Entertainment – Netizens Draw Comparisons With Busan

They brought up Busan’s previous tourist booth.

It was recently announced that the city of Daegu, hometown to BTS‘s V and Suga, will be creating tour packages featuring the stars’ old stomping grounds. The tour will cover their schools and old hangouts and has also invited ARMYs to create vlogs to demonstrate the tour.

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However, a statement by an official rubbed netizens and fans the wrong way when they explained that “the contents of this tour does not require confirmation from the agency as it only introduces related places and the not the celebrities directly.”

With a lack of discussion with BigHit Entertainment or the boys themselves, netizens have questioned the city’s intentions and professionalism.

  • “I hate how they’re just stating so blatantly that no agreement is needed. What’s up with the mindsets of civil servant officials?”
  • “I came from lunch and what’s this pathetic news …”
  • “Why is Daegu so sloppy, I’m sick of it”
  • “They’re sticking the boys’ names to it and they’re going to proceed without agreement? If anyone could just do that what would become of businesses kk If they upload vlogs they can monetize it as well then”
  • “Why is an official public agency like this…”
  • “Really, if you want to make use of them, have the conscience to get agreement”
  • “No but Daegu was like this last time too. Why are they obsessed with BTS”
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On the other hand, fans brought up the city of Busan in comparison, hometown to Jungkook and Jimin. During a fanmeeting for their 5th Muster “Magic Shop”, Busan officials had contacted BigHit Entertainment to set up a tourism booth on site.

Daegu officials have yet to respond to the criticism.

Source: theqoo