Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Denies Involvement With The Alleged Financial Scams Of Father And Brother

The singer’s agency clarified her stance.

Davichi member Kang Min Kyung is in the public eye again, this time for her father and brother being accused of fraud.

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Earlier this month, it was reported that a total of 19 investors had filed complaints with the Busan Yeonje Police Station against the real estate development company run by Kang Min Kyung’s father and brother. In September 2017 the company signed a real estate development contract for ₩1.20 billion KRW (about $956,000 USD) but failed to follow it through. According to the complaints, they scammed investors by promising to develop a forest area within two years in Paju, Hyeonggi Province without any proper development plans.

Davichi Member Kang Min Kyung’s Father And Brother Are Sued For Fraud

When the reports came out, Kang Min Kyung’s name go tangled in the controversy inevitably. Her agency WAKEONE announced that they will look into the matter and later gave a lengthy statement clarifying that Kang had estranged from her father long before any of this went down.

Hello. We are informing you from Kang Min Kyung’s agency WAKEONE.

After debuting at 18 years old, Kang Min Kyung has experienced many of her father’s unacceptable financial problems.

Kang Min Kyung, who has suffered greatly due to this, has cut off contact with her father and has never once been involved with her father’s business. Despite that, in order to fulfill her moral responsibility to the victims, she has paid off her father’s debt before.

We inform you that outside of Kang Min Kyung’s promotions as a celebrity and Àvie Muah, where she is currently registered as CEO, she is not involved in any business, including investment and development.

We announce that this case is one that Kang Min Kyung was entirely unaware of, and one that is unrelated to her.

In the future, we will respond firmly to issues that arise from stealing or using Kang Min Kyung’s name.

The reason Kang Min Kyung has revealed this truth comes from her hope that there will no longer be any more victims.

We apologize for causing concern to many people with such unfortunate news.


After the revelation that Kang had to suffer for her father’s misdeeds as a teenager, Korean netizens showed sympathy for the singer.





| @insight.co.kr/Instagram

| @insight.co.kr/Instagram

  • “Not sure what the point is of taking up the wrongs of her family up with her; there are so many people who are estranged from their families.”
  • “Just keep going, life is all about holding on.”
  • “Aigoo ㅜ This really must be a cursed year for Kang Min Kyung.. what a tiring life as a celebrity ㅠㅠ”
  • “She’s a good person who makes donations often. There are brighter days ahead, please cheer up❤️”
  • “I’m sure it was very difficult to have to come forward about a family history she probably wanted to kept hidden… I’ll always support you! It may be hard but keep holding on.”
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