DAWN Reveals He Almost Went On Dating Reality Show “EXchange”

What would happen if he went on?

DAWN recently appeared on YouTube show Look Me Up, where he read up on netizens’ discourse on himself. Not only did he discuss his current thoughts and feelings about his ex-girlfriend HyunA, but he also reacted to a random post about him appearing on the dating reality show EXchange.

EXchange is about exes who live together and interact with 4 other pairs of exes. They can rekindle their relationship with their ex or get to know a new person from the other couples.

EXchange 2 poster. | tving

After his breakup news with HyunA, a netizen had a random thought that they would like to see him on the show.

“It’s so bad of me to want HyunA and DAWN on the show, but it’ll be funny.” | Look Me Up

DAWN was surprised to read about the post, but coincidentally, he did receive a call about appearing on the show!

While he had been contacted by the production team about appearing on EXchange, it had been before his breakup. Rather than as a couple, he had received a suggestion to appear as part of the panel.

We could’ve seen his chemistry with the other panelists, BamBam, Simon D, and more!

Catch the rest of his interview here.

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