“Even If There’s Someone Else, I Will Love Hyuna” — DAWN Talks About What Ex-Girlfriend HyunA Means To Him Even Now

He loves her and will continue to do so.

DAWN recently appeared on Look Me Up, a show which has celebrities discuss their online presence and profile page. Of course, he could not avoid the question of his past relationship with HyunA.

Talking about the initial breakup, which shook the internet, DAWN revealed that the reason he liked HyunA’s announcement post on Instagram was simple. He fully supported every decision HyunA chose to make, even if the decision was breaking up with him.

The both of us, in this world, we understand each other the most. And so, no matter what decision either of us make, we will support each other. Back then, I really respected her decision, and supported it. So I pressed the like button.


The production team then questioned his angry post when someone had fabricated malicious comments about HyunA.

DAWN Posts For The First Time Since Breaking Up With HyunA, Defends Her

He was quick to threaten legal action, despite both of them having broken up already.

Hello, this is DAWN. This won’t be long. I’m going to sue that cowardly, dirty, pathetic person who spread that false information while pretending to be me. Even if we broke up, she is still precious to me and both more sincere and cooler than anyone I’ve ever met before. She is an artist that I will love the most in the future. Please don’t live like this and use your precious time on Earth in a good way.


When DAWN admitted that he would still do the same if something happened even now, the production team questioned if he had lingering feelings for her. DAWN was as cool as ever and openly admitted his love for HyunA.

It’s the same for me. Breaking up with her, or getting back together, whatever our relationship it is now, that all isn’t important. I just love HyunA’s entire existence as a person, so even later on, even if we are on completely different paths, or if there’s someone else, I think I will love Hyuna.


The present and future continuous tense that he used in his phrasing sent flutters through everyone’s hearts. Although they might be broken up, his pure love for HyunA as a person shines through. Catch his interview below.