DAWN And His Older Brother Are Both Ripped AF But Serve Polar Opposite Vibes

Different aesthetics. Same hotness!

In the latest episode of MBC‘s The Manager (also known as Omniscient Interfering View), soloist DAWN gave the viewers a snippet into his life.

DAWN (left) with his manager (right) on “The Manager.” | @MBC_entertain/Twitter

As a part of his routine, DAWN got down to business and worked out with his personal trainer.

While the soloist made The Manager panels and viewers worried about his lack of appetite and stamina at the beginning of the episode, DAWN soon surprised them all with his lean-but-mean build!

DAWN’s trainer even mentioned that the soloist is almost in “athletic” form, with a fat percentage of 11.6.

Later in the episode, DAWN shocked the viewers once again with a surprise reveal of his father and older brother. Explaining that his father is a chef, DAWN pointed out that his older brother had been able to achieve a much bigger shape—thanks to all the good food!

“Unlike DAWN, the older brother weighs 100 kilograms—twice of what DAWN weighs.” | MBC

[My father] is an amazing chef. That’s probably why my older brother turned out the way he did.


Check out how polar opposite DAWN and his older brother are!


While different in aesthetics, both DAWN and his older brother are looking ripped-AF. Hot!

Watch DAWN in The Manager here.

Source: HeraldPOP
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