DAY6 Dishes On All The New Features Of JYP’s New Building

JYP made something special just for the DAY6 members at the new building.

DAY6 members revealed all of the new features they love about JYP Entertainment‘s new building.

“JYP’s new building is really great.

A lot of people ask us about it. We moved to a new location near Jamsil Sungnae-dong.”

— DAY6


The new building has a grand total of 14 floors and boasts over 76,000 square feet worth of space for the entertainment company and their idols to use.


Wonder GirlsYubin recently showed off the huge new dance practice room that idols can freely use to master their routines.


But what about the band members who don’t dance? Out of all the new features, a special space was made just for the DAY6 members!

“Our company originally didn’t have a band room, but they created a really nice band room for us at the new building.”

— Wonpil


Surprised, Kim Sook asked if the new band room was made solely for DAY6 and they replied yes!


Wonpil also revealed a new feature that the members are absolutely in love with – the all-organic cafeteria! He invited the hosts, Kim Sook and Song Eun Yi, to come visit them at their new building!

“There’s also a really nice organic cafeteria. Come over and visit.”

— Wonpil


With their brand new band room and fantastic cafeteria to keep up their health, fans can’t wait to see what new music DAY6 will bring out after “Shoot Me”!

Source: Newsen and Herald Pop