DAY6’s Jae Explains Why He Might Not Be Releasing Any Cover Songs

It’s complicated.

DAY6 is known not just for their own great original discography but also their unique covers. The group occasionally has covered songs during radio shows and concerts, but individual members, such as Young K, have posted covers on YouTube too.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Recently, Jae expressed his interest in releasing covers as well. He asked fans on Twitter if they were any specific songs they would like to hear him cover.

Unfortunately, he revealed today that he might not be covering songs after all. He explained that he was struggling with copyright permission.

Fans are suggesting alternatives, such as performing covers on Twitter Spaces. Some have suggested that he just release covers of songs from his company JYP Entertainment, including DAY6 songs.

Another option is he could always record covers of songs that he would be guaranteed permission to. His fellow DAY6 member Young K has released his own songs and would likely let Jae do a cover!

Which JYP Entertainment songs would you like to see Jae cover?

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