DAY6’s Wonpil Has The Sweetest Response To A Female Fan’s Request For His “Boyfriend Voice”

Good guy Wonpil! 🥺💖

During a recent voice-only live broadcast, DAY6‘s Wonpil received a particular request from a female fan—and his swoon-worthy response is going viral.

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The fan, prior to making the request, explained that it feels dangerous for her to be home alone when ordering food to be delivered. That being said, the fan asked Wonpil if he could pretend to “answer the door” as her boyfriend so that she could record it and use his voice when she needs.

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Wonpil, I heard it’s not recommended for women to hint that they live alone when getting food delivered to their doors. The world’s not safe. That being said, can you say “Leave it at the door, please” like you’re my boyfriend? I want to record it and use it.

— Fan

After reading the request out loud, Wonpil sighed and expressed concern for how his fan(s) are seemingly dealing with similar fear on a daily basis. Calling the whole situation “unbelievable” and “weird,” Wonpil hinted at being upset at the fact that his fans need a male voice recording to feel safe enough to order food at home.

This is unbelievable, really… Like, don’t you find it weird? I don’t mean that the fan who requested this is weird. I mean that… (sigh) I feel like I’m going to start swearing, seriously.

— Wonpil

Then, Wonpil proceeded to repeat the phrase in different versions for the fan to record and use.

Please leave it at the door. Please leave… Wait, let me try again. Please leave it at the door. Leave it at the door, please. LEAVE IT AT THE DOOR PLEASE!

— Wonpil

When these recordings from the broadcast began circulating online, K-Pop fans praised Wonpil not only for being kind to the fan and fulfilling her request but also for understanding the reason behind the request and audibly relating to the frustration.

| theqoo

| theqoo

Wonpil is set to enlist on March 28 to serve his military duty as a South Korean Navy.

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Source: theqoo