Dear U. Bubble To Release New In-App Services Such As An Interactive Homepage, Artist Voice Ringtones And More In 2022

The artist can even come visit your homepage!

It’s not been too long since Dear U. Bubble teased their upcoming plans for the rest of 2021 and 2022. We previously reported that Dear U. Bubble plans on opening a digital in-app store by the first half of 2022 where the store would sell goods and more of the respective celebrities, and also a plan for setting up a live broadcasting function by the end of 2022. Not only that, we also reported that Dear U. Bubble planned on opening an interactive metaverse called My Home and Bubble World. As of November 9, 2021, Dear U. Bubble released specific details on the in-app store and metaverse.

| @city_4_n/Twitter

Firstly, the store will sell merchandise that the artists have directly participated in. They will also be selling in-app purchases, such as artist handwriting fonts and emoticons personally created by the artist. They also plan on selling a voice recording that can act as an app notification alarm sound.

As for the live streaming function, Dear U. Bubble plans to hold individual live streams or fan meetings for the artist. It will be available to either long-term subscribers or can be bought at an additional price.

Lastly, for the My Home metaverse, each account will have their own interactive homepage and avatar which they can decorate and dress up. The artist can also visit the fans’ homepage. If they do, fans will receive a notification that the artist had come and gone. Other fans can visit each other’s home pages as well. Items such as furniture and clothing can be purchased in-app.

An example was shown using NCT‘s Doyoung, by which the room was modelled after Doyoung’s own dorm room, which has been shown on broadcast before. His selfies were used as wall posters, while his bed frame, diffuser…

| @nctdaoying/Twitter

…his stuffed penguin…

| @nctdaoying/Twitter

… were used to illustrate purchasable items. In comparison, here is his room from a previous broadcast.

| @nctdaoying/Twitter

No exact date for the start of these functions has been released yet. Stay tuned for more about the new updates!