Details You Might Not Have Noticed In BTS J-Hope’s “Arson” MV Teaser

It might be connected to an iconic BTS MV too.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently released the MV teaser for upcoming song “Arson” off of his new solo album Jack in the Box, which will officially release July 15.

BTS’s J-Hope | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter

He teased ARMY with a 30-second clip of his brand new music video. We can hear his charismatic rap as cars burn hence the title.

Yet, there were a few details you might not have noticed the first time…

Naturally, J-Hope has linked the “Arson” MV to the “MORE” MV. So, the same box in which the storyline for “MORE” took place is seen burning in the teaser for “Arson.”

Yet, it may also be connected to an iconic BTS MV…

While the concept photos for “Arson” had references to HYYH (short for “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” or “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”) and possibly even “Dope,” it seems like the MV might be linked to the “FIRE” MV.

If you look closely while watching the “Arson” teaser, it appears that the same hooded figure from “FIRE” is running across.

Considering the similar song titles, we can understand why they could be potentially connected or at least referenced.

Lastly, we may have had a teaser for “Arson” already. ARMYs noticed that the instrumental playing in the tracklist teaser sounds a lot like “Arson.”

Check out more Easter eggs and details in the “Arson” concept photos below.

Details You Might Not Have Noticed In BTS J-Hope’s “Arson” Concept Photos