Details You Might Not Have Noticed In BTS J-Hope’s “Arson” Concept Photos

Did you notice these the first time?

BTS‘s J-Hope recently released additional concept photos ahead of the release of his new solo album Jack in the Box on July 15.

The new photos are specifically for the upcoming song “Arson.” So, it features a fiery shoot.

ARMYs are loving the bad boy vibes, but we also must take notice J-Hope’s attention to detail.

Right off the bat, ARMYs couldn’t help but notice something quite familiar…

It appears that the famous stairs from the BTS Universe or HYYH (short for “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” or “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”).

In the “Butterfly” prologue video, V jumps off of it into the ocean.

Jin (top) and V (bottom). | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Not only that, but on July 10, 2022 date (the day that J-Hope’s “Arson” concept photos were released) in the BTS Universe Notes, V said, “I couldn’t do a thing on my own.” So, perhaps J-Hope ended up “saving him.”

The connections to his members didn’t end there. Eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed a tiny “7” cut on J-Hope’s lip in the burned portrait.

There also seem to be multiple connections to cars in the concept photos. We can see in the background a car not only smashed as if it had been wrecked but up in flames.


Previously, J-Hope had a red car for other concepts, such as his solo “Ego.”


Yet, the black car seen in the new concept photos for “Arson” resembles that of…


… the car in the background of J-Hope’s scene in BTS’s iconic “Dope” MV. You can also see stairs near it. So, the ones in the “Arson” photos may be a reference to that instead of the ones from HYYH.

Lastly, J-Hope rocks some pearl jewelry in the new photoshoot. Yet, some are green pearls.


This actually has special significance. Not only is green J-Hope’s favorite color, but green pearls can represent “a new chapter.” 

| Long’s Jewelers

With each new release, J-Hope proves to be a master of detail. Check out the details and references in the “MORE” MV below:

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