Dispatch Releases Photos Of Lee Da In Meeting Lee Seung Gi’s Family

They were spotted on a date.

Previously, it was reported that actors Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In had confirmed their relationship. It is said that they have been in a relationship for close to half a year. Dispatch soon released a report that detailed one of their dates in Autumn, 2020.

It was reported that Dispatch received a tip-off from a reader that they had witnessed Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi at a resort in Gangneung. They had played golf together and eaten at a buffet after. Dispatch reports this was during the period of time the two were just getting to know each other.

Upon heading down to Gangneung, Dispatch reporters witnessed the two at the resort lobby. Lee Da In was spotted in the passenger seat of Lee Seung Gi’s car.

The two headed for a bank where they got out of the car separately, and even entered the bank at different timings.

They later exited the bank separately as well.

They got into the same car and drove off eventually.

It was reported that the destination was Sokcho, Gangneung. They had paid a visit to Lee Seung Gi’s grandmother, who lives in the area.

It was said that they gave her allowance, and that Lee Seung Gi allegedly introduced Lee Da In to his grandmother as his girlfriend.

Dispatch reports that Lee Da In was perfectly polite to the grandmother and was lovely, bright and amiable.

Dispatch further reports that Lee Seung Gi had already introduced Lee Da In to his close colleagues, acquaintances, and staff as his girlfriend, despite the secret relationship. The results of Dispatch’s investigation also allegedly revealed that Lee Seung Gi had met Lee Da In’s mother and sister, actresses Kyeon Mi Ri and Lee Yu Bi.

Lee Da In’s sister, Lee Yu Bi had previously starred in The Gu Family Book with Lee Seung Gi.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source: Dispatch

Dispatch Reveals

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