Actor Yoo Ah In Appears In Public For The First Time Since Drug Scandal And Attends Police Investigation

The police summoned him.

The police summonsed actor Yoo Ah In on the morning of March 27, 2023. It is the first time that he appeared in public, and at the police station, despite it being 50 days since the investigations began.

Dispatch reports that he was attending a drug use investigation at the Seoul Police Station. He wore a black suit and walked with his head down. The summons was not open to the public, with the original date being March 24. It was pushed back to March 27 after the media got wind of the summons.

During the long 50 days, it was reported that the police had been pouring their all into finding evidence and materials for the case. They had confiscated two handphones of Yoo Ah In’s and analyzed eight years’ worth of conversations. Forensic reports stretched to 10,000 pages of records, and they seized and searched both a clinic and his house. The clinic staff, his company staff, as well as his acquaintances had all been summoned.

They plan to conclude his investigations with the summons on March 27, 2023. Although proof of propofol abuse can be easily proved, the court needs specific evidence to charge him with the use of other drugs criminally. A law correspondent informed Dispatch that the police would do their best to receive confirmation of his drug abuse during the summons but would remain objective in their quest for evidence.

Yoo Ah In’s side responded that “he knows the mistakes that he made and is reflecting,” and that Yoo Ah In “is sorry despite there not being any words that can sufficiently convey his atonement.”  Yoo Ah In promises to tell the truth and participate diligently in the investigations.

Yoo Ah In previously was taken in for drug abuse including propofol, cocaine, and others. You may read more about it below.

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Source: Dispatch