Disturbing Halloween Video Gets Taken Down After It Unexpectedly Captures The Korean “Molka” Spy Cam Crime In Action

“This seriously makes me throw up in my mouth a little.” 🤢

On October 29 (KST), a YouTube channel named KOREA 4K began live-streaming as it walked the streets of Itaewon—a “foreigner-friendly international district” in Seoul, well known for its annual Halloween parties.

Koreans dressed up for 2021 Halloween in Itaewon, posing for a picture. | KBS

As the video cruised and showcased the Korean population celebrating the weekend, it unexpectedly captured a molka (also known as hidden or spy camera) crime happening in action.

The video showed a man in a King Kong suit finding a woman in a bunny suit. Immediately, he squatted and aimed his camera at the woman—all the while being discreet. Other men in the area seemed to have noticed, but rather than stopping him, they watched.

The man in the King Kong suit, seen bottom right. | @KOREA 4K/YouTube

When the man in the King Kong suit successfully snapped an unconsented picture of the woman (or, assumingly, her exposed bum underneath the fishnet tights), he even received a thumbs-up from another man looking on.

Another man in a sand-colored sweater giving a thumbs-up, seen center | @KOREA 4K/YouTube

The video went viral overnight, with the viewers harshly criticizing the behavior. Unfiltered rage, pointing out the “crime scene,” has taken over the comments section of the video and online community websites—with both Korean and international netizens voicing their concerns.

  • “I wonder if he can be tracked down. I doubt it will be easy to identify him. But I hope he pays for what he did.”
  • “Men… They have reached a new low.”
  • “This seriously makes me throw up in my mouth a little.”
  • “What the f*ck is that thumbs-up though?! They are both out of their minds. How come these criminals get to roam the streets so freely and confidently?”
  • “What is wrong with this world? It’s literally filled with garbage.”
  • “I don’t want to generalize… but seeing from the fact that NO ONE stopped the guy, I’m down to believe that this is how most men are.”

The video has since been turned private and removed from the channel.

| @KOREA 4K/YouTube

Meanwhile, some online samaritans have allegedly tracked down the woman in the video and notified her of what happened. In what is assumed to be a screenshot of the DMs exchanged with the woman, she identified herself as a non-Korean and asked for help with pursuing legal action against the man in the King Kong suit.


DM Sender: Hi, I’m DMing you because I think you’re the female in a post called “Halloween Video Spy-Cam Crime.” I’m sure this will come as a shock, but I thought you should know.

Alleged Victim: Hello, thank you for your concern. I actually got several DMs about it already, so I’m aware. I’m going to take legal action. I’m a non-Korean though, so I don’t know a lot about how the law works in cases like these. If you know how I can report this and/or where I can get assistance, please let me know. It would help a lot. Thank you!

Molka has remained an unresolved issue in Korea for years. In June 2021, after the Human Rights Watch website heavily criticized South Korean digital sex crimes, Reuters dubbed the country “the global epicenter of spy-cams.”

South Korea has become the global [epicenter] of spy-cam… Victims are often traumatized further and become ‘immersed in the abuse’ by encounters with police and other justice officials, and by the expectation that they should gather evidence and monitor the internet for new appearances of images of themselves…

— Reuters

While “humiliated by the international coverage,” Koreans hope that critical reports and collective movement will eventually bring the government’s undivided attention to the issue and become the foundation of an actual reform for a safer Korea.

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Source: THEQOO

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