British DJ Mat Zo Criticizes K-Pop’s “Child Grooming” Ways, While Crediting Corporations For BTS’s Success

He had a lot to say about the K-Pop industry.

A British DJ has come under fire for his insensitive remarks that were made regarding BTS, the K-Pop industry, and the Asian community as a whole. Matan Zohar, who is more commonly known as Mat Zo, is a British producer and DJ who came to fame for his electronic music producing abilities. And while he had previously been recognized for his musical talent, he recently began to make headlines after his tweets regarding K-Pop spread like wildfire.

British DJ Mat Zo | EDM Tunes

A few days ago, the DJ went on a K-Pop related rant, calling the music genre a “niche in the west,” while making claims that BTS’s success was only made possible due to the “push” of corporations. He also shared his suspicions behind K-Pop groups’ fans and how he doesn’t believe the “fake vibe of it all” due to the “anime character” profile pictures each K-Pop Twitter fan seems to have.

| @Mat_Zo/Twitter

Mat Zo continued with his tweets by sharing his beliefs on K-Pop and the way the industry “[grooms] children into cultural icons.”

| @Mat_Zo/Twitter

Due to the K-Pop related tirade, which included mega-stars BTS, K-Pop fans dug deeper into Mat Zo and his past. Upon further investigation, netizens found the DJ’s former anti-Asian tweets, which has since begun to go viral as they spread all across social media.

One of the DJ’s previous tweets was a response made to another Twitter user who tweeted, “let’s murder doge.” While “doge” was in reference to the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, Mat Zo responded with “send him to a Korean restaurant.”

| @Mat_Zo/Twitter

That’s not all. The DJ had many other past tweets pertaining the Asian community, tweeting things such as “yellow fever” and referring to K-Pop fans as “an entourage of nerdy looking Korean girls.”

| @Mat_Zo/Twitter
| @Mat_Zo/Twitter

It wasn’t long before Mat Zo became the center of intense backlash, as K-Pop fans began to call him out for his remarks regarding the music genre, as well as the entire Asian community. The DJ shared an official apology shortly after for his “insensitive words and derogatory comments directed at the Asian community.”

Mat Zo’s apology | @Mat_Zo/Twitter

And while Mat Zo shared an apology following the backlash, it may not have been enough for all of the angered netizens, as the DJ eventually put his Twitter account…

Mat Zo’s privatized Twitter account.

…and his Instagram account on private.

Mat Zo’s privatized Instagram account.
Source: theqoo


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