Exposed: 4th-Gen Idol-Actor Under Fire For A Problematic YouTuber On His Subscriptions List

The YouTuber has a history of attacking the idol’s own teammate.

During his latest livestream, DKZ‘s Jaechan revealed the list of subscribed channels on YouTube.

DKZ’s Jaechan | @jaechan_dkz/Instagram

While the list included entertaining channels for the most part, like the travel vlogger Pani Bottle and music player essential; channels, it also included the disreputable Sojang (also known as 탈덕수용소) channel.



Sojang, now a recognized name among K-Pop fans, is a YouTuber who uploads videos that spread unverified rumors and generally malicious statements against all and any Korean celebrity.

| Sojang/YouTube

Against DKZ, Sojang has claimed some speculative things about member Munik in April 2022.

A video called “Semantic Error) Idol Who Failed Plastic Surgery And Stopped Their Activities” was posted on April 14, 2022. | Sojang/YouTube

Following the livestream, Jaechan’s fans and K-Pop followers at large shared great concern over the channel. The idol received online criticism in thousands of comments for subscribing to a “toxic YouTuber” who has been incessant in hurting fellow celebrities in the entertainment business.


Soon, Jaechan took to a messenger app and apologized for causing concern, though he insisted that he was not the one to have personally subscribed to the channel.

Let’s make something clear while I’m at it, since I see there’s a bit of talk about it. I don’t really know what that channel is about. I don’t really subscribe to channels or even like videos. I don’t manage my account all that closely. So I had no idea what I had subscribed to. Other than a select few, I did not personally hit subscribe for the channels that you saw on the list. Now I have it cleaned it up, though. I apologize for the concerns caused by my careless action and I promise that I’ll be more cautious going forward.

— Jaechan

His explanation, however, fueled even more fire. In fact, some K-Pop fans even argued that he may actually be an avid viewer of the channel—pointing out that the problematic YouTuber was placed high on the subscription list and that the channel didn’t have a “blue dot” notification for new videos.

| theqoo
  • “Whoa, haha. This is f*cking surprising.”
  • “Wow… What a rude awakening. I don’t have much respect for an idol who watches videos from a channel like that. Or his fans coming to his defense.”
  • “Says a lot about him, LMAO. Besides, what’s with the attitude in his message? Getting frustrated with the fans? He has no right, making all those excuses.”
  • “How does one exactly subscribe to a channel like that by accident?”
  • “Look at all these comments…”
  • “I don’t even know who Jaechan is. And fine, if he had the channel subscribed but it was at the bottom of his list with the blue dot, I would’ve understood. Maybe he wanted to monitor what the channel might say about him. But it’s evident that he has watched the latest videos, even the ones degrading female idols.”
  • “I’m sure his fans will remain fans, regardless.”
  • “I’ve always wondered what kind of people subscribe to channels like that…”
  • “An active idol in the field subscribing to that channel, of all the channels out there? No respect for any of his fellow industry-mates. Ha.”
  • “Wowza… Now I know what kind of a person he is, based on his subscriptions.”
  • “All I ever see about this idol is his controversies.”
  • “It took him so long to become famous. So why is he trying to trample that with his own hands? Sigh.”
  • “Mm… So this is how things end for him.”
  • “I get it. I also get channels like these recommended because I watch a lot of K-Pop videos. But to think that he went and subscribed to this one… It’s disappointing.”

Some have also called him out on the Nine Movie Channel (NMC) subscription as well; This movie reviewer YouTuber has also been deemed controversial for his  aggressive thumbnails that capture all female cast in a sexual light unrelated to the actual plots of their works.

| NineMovieChannel/YouTube

Despite the growing backlash, Jaechan has not made additional comments about the subscription or the apologetic message.

Source: theqoo (1) and (2)
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