“Dobby Is Free” — LOONA Members React To Recent Lawsuit Victory

The members used humor to celebrate legal win against Blockberry Creative.

In a groundbreaking development, the Seoul High Court’s civil affairs department ruled in favor of LOONA members, including Haseul, Yeojin, Yves, Olivia Hye, and Gowon, in their legal battle against their former agency, Blockberry Creative. This highly-anticipated ruling resulted in the suspension of the members’ contracts, highlighting concerns over the company’s decision to transfer LOONA’s contracts to Universal Japan without the consent of the artists involved.

LOONA | Blockberry Creative

Reports from prominent South Korean news outlets have confirmed this significant legal victory for LOONA. The court’s decision acknowledges the issue surrounding the transfer of the group’s contracts, emphasizing the importance of artists’ consent and involvement in such crucial decisions.

Reacting to the news, several LOONA members took to Instagram, expressing their emotions through creative and relatable memes. Yves, one of the talented members, posted an image of actress Nicole Kidman after her divorce from Tom Cruise, symbolizing a sense of liberation and independence.

Yeojin, in a nod to the Harry Potter series, uploaded an image of Dobby the house elf, accompanied by the phrase “Dobby is free,” encapsulating the members’ newfound freedom from contractual restraints.

Joining in the celebration, Jinsoul, Heejin, and Kim Lip, who had previously experienced contract suspensions in January, displayed their joy through heartfelt social media posts. Jinsoul shared a picture featuring the word “happy” written on a notebook, expressing her elation with a simple yet powerful message.

| @zindoriyam/Instagram

Heejin, on the other hand, chose to depict unity and solidarity by posting a picture of all the LOONA members hugging each other, signifying their unbreakable bond as a group. Kim Lip opted for a more subtle approach, uploading a moon emoji on her Instagram stories, a nod towards the lunar symbolism closely associated with LOONA’s identity.

This legal victory for the girl group followed the news that Hyunjin and Vivi, two of LOONA’s members, have recently signed contracts with a new agency called CTDENM.


Meanwhile, in an exciting update for LOONA’s devoted fanbase, the popular sub-unit Odd Eye Circle, consisting of Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry, is set to make their highly-anticipated comeback under the management of Jaden Jeong’s company, Modhaus. The three stars, along with bandmate Heejin, signed with the company following their contracts with Blockberry being terminated earlier this year. Fans can look forward to the unique musical stylings and captivating performances that have garnered them a dedicated following.


With the court ruling in their favor, LOONA members have secured a significant milestone in their careers, emphasizing the importance of artist rights and consent within the K-pop industry. This legal victory represents a step forward in empowering artists and ensuring their creative freedom and agency. As LOONA continues to embark on their musical journey, fans eagerly anticipate their future endeavors, anticipating the limitless potential that lies ahead for these talented artists.