The Doctor Who Caused Han Ye Seul’s Malpractice Case Speaks Up

“It’s a classic case of VIP Syndrome.”

After actress Han Ye Seul revealed that she was the victim of a malpractice case by the CHA Medical Center, the doctor responsible has now spoken about the accident.

Han Ye Seul suffered horrific scars on her body while the doctors of CHA Medical Center were treating her lipoma.


In his latest exclusive interview, Dr. Lee Ji Hyun, the surgeon who led Han Ye Seul’s lipoma removal, explained his side to what had happened.


The doctor explained he first suggested that Han Ye Seul see a plastic surgeon for the removal of the lipoma below her armpit.

“While it is common for a surgeon to operate on lipoma removal surgeries, I told her she can go see a plastic surgeon. She left after I advised her, then came back to receive the surgery from me.” — Dr. Lee


He chose to cut open a lower region than where the lipoma is located, where a lingerie could cover up a visible scar on the actress’s body.

“I told her I will try to minimize making a visible scar by approaching the lipoma from a distance, through a region where she could later hide with her brassier strap.” — Dr. Lee


The doctor admitted in the interview that in the process of approaching the lipoma from a lower cut line, he penetrated the skin covering the lipoma and created a round wound.

“A flap of skin was extracted with the lipoma, creating a round wound as shown in the picture. I removed the skin flap from the lipoma and tried to put it back where it belongs. This is the skin inside the round stitches.” — Dr. Lee


To help with the understanding of how the procedure took place, another source used a mannequin to reenact the operation. Usually, a lipoma is removed by creating a cut directly above its location and extracting it through the opening.


However, the doctor decided to approach the lipoma from where the scar could be hidden. He created a cut line and tried to extract the lipoma from underneath the skin.


He removed the lipoma, but because he penetrated the skin and removed a flap with the lipoma, a round open wound was created. The piece of skin was stitched back, creating the wound that looks like the picture.


Several medical professionals in Korea, including plastic surgeon Dr. Yoon Sang Yeob, claimed this is a case of the phenomenon called “VIP Syndrome”, where doctors make unorthodox and often bad decisions in effort to provide special treatment for special patients.

“The doctor tried to treat Han Ye Seul differently because she is special, but really messed up. That’s VIP syndrome.” — Dr. Yoon


Regarding the hospital being reluctant to figure things out with Han Ye Seul, Dr. Lee Ji Hyun denied the allegation. He recalled speaking with a female guardian of Han Ye Seul’s, explaining that he had made a mistake during the surgery.

“I admitted my fault as soon as the surgery was over. I explained it to Han Ye Seul’s guardian, a woman, who was there. I also explained to Han Ye Seul herself that this had happened. She asked to have a picture of the wound taken, so my staff took it for her, which she later uploaded to her Instagram.” — Dr. Lee


When Han Ye Seul’s picture triggered public interest in the malpractice incident, the hospital released an official statement that Han Ye Seul is receiving additional treatment and compensation. The doctor apologized in his interview.

“Again, I’m sorry to have caused this to an actress who is so widely beloved. I would also like to apologize to Han Ye Seul again for putting her through this.” — Dr. Lee


Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul shared another shocking picture of her wound and at the horrific sight, fans grew extremely concerned.

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Han Ye Seul was spotted walking out of her continued treatment.


When she heard about the fans concerns, she said “Thank you so much” and left in her vehicle.

“Your fans are terribly worried about you. Have you been compensated yet?” — Dr. Reporter


With a recent update, Han Ye Seul has thanked the fans for supporting her through the difficult times and wrote, “I’m doing okay. I will find a way to give back to all of you for this.”

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Source: Dispatch and After The Rain YouTube