Netizens Are Divided On The Crazy High Prices Doggy Guru Kang Hyung Wook Charges For His Services

Too expensive or worth it?

If you’re a Korean dog lover, Kang Hyung Wook is pretty much the ultimate king of all doggy gurus who has appeared on multiple popular TV shows.



And as much as people love him for all of his useful advice regarding how to raise and train dogs, there are divided opinions regarding the prices he charges for his services.

In addition to his TV appearances as a celebrity dog trainer, Kang Hyung Wook also operates a doggy training business that provides both online and offline services.

According to the homepage of Bodeum Company, the “master plan full package” costs a whopping 6 million won (~$5000 USD).

Bodeum Company

The package offers a year subscription to lesson videos, two one-on-one lessons with Kang Hyung Wook himself, as well as 12 lessons with a different dog trainer.


But if you only want two one-one-one lessons with Kang Hyung Wook, it costs 3 million won (~$2500 USD).


And netizens are divided on the high price.

While some are criticizing Kang Hyung Wook for charging too much, others stress that it’s a worthy investment considering his reputation as well as the fact that the service he offers is hard to come by in the country.

Kang Hyung Wook dreamed of becoming a dog trainer ever since he worked as an apprentice at a dog training center in middle school. He then went on to train abroad in countries such as Australia and Norway.


He even once confessed that he tasted the poop of over 80 different dogs, proving that his passion for dogs is on a whole different level.


Kang Hyung Wook continues to share his valuable advice through his YouTube channel as well as KBS’s The Dog Is Excellent.

Source: Insight and Bodeum Company