Canadian Rapper Drake Has Become BTS ARMY’s Mascot

Memes of him are often used by the fandom.

Move over; VAN, Canadian rapper Drake has become the mascot for BTS‘s fandom ARMY!

VAN | BT21
Drake | The FADER 

On October 19, Drake shared a series of photos on his Instagram page. Many were from 21 Savage‘s performance at the Morehouse College and Spelman College homecoming, in which Drake made a surprise appearance.

One photo specifically went viral as it was a selfie of Drake wearing an all-blue fit, including his curls pulled back with a Nike headband, all while smirking at the camera. XXL Magazine‘s repost of it on Twitter went viral with 32.9K and 4K quote tweets at the time of writing.

The internet is roasting him for the selfie, and it’s even reached K-Pop Twitter. It was the perfect base for a new borahae edit. That blue was meant to be purple…

| @ksgcvlt/Twitter
| @teIe_pathy/Twitter

And, of course, we know purple is the official fandom color of BTS even since V coined Borahae (“I purple you”).

Anytime Drake posts something, it is sure to receive borahaefication. There’s been a trend on Twitter in which memes and celebrities are “borahaeified,” adding lots of purple and iconic BTS imagery. One account borahae button (@BorahaeifyBot on Twitter) is dedicated to creating these edits and even accepts requests. You’re guaranteed to see lots of Drake if you scroll through their account.

With Drake’s latest viral photo, ARMYs are now remembering all the iconic borahae edits that have been created, thanks to him. In fact, many are often reused as memes to represent the fandom.

The two below are the go-to memes to use as reactions to BTS special events.


yo #fyp #parati #lentejas #bts #yoongi #rapline #drake

♬ BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych – BTS

And let’s not forget the edit made in which it sounds like Drake sang “Dynamite.” Iconic.


This is a secret track on Certified Lover Boy trust me just listen to the CD 20 minutes past the last song #bts #army #dynamite #drake #bangtan #kpop @BTS

♬ original sound – 드레이크

This isn’t the only connection between BTS and Drake, of course. The group is known to be fans of his. They have since met him, and J-Hope even appeared in his “In My Feelings” music video. Read more below.

BTS’s J-Hope Spills The Tea On Meeting Drake, His “In My Feelings” Video, And More

Source: XXL Magazine and teIe_pathy

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