Former DSP Media Boy Group A-JAX Speak Up On The Bullying Allegations Regarding APRIL And Former Member Lee Hyunjoo

They speak up on the matter.

The APRIL members were previously accused of bullying by someone who claimed to be former member Lee Hyunjoo‘s younger brother. Following which, DSP Media issued an official statement that advised that all the members had a rough time and asked the public to refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumors.

As the story continues to develop, a member of DSP Media’s now-disbanded boy group, A-JAX, has spoken up. Yoonyoung took to his personal Instagram to claim the following.

I’m so upset about this so I’m going to speak the facts only. When something happens to you guys, how often is it that you speak about it to your friends from an objective point of view… Isn’t it only human to want to only pour out your hurt feelings, unable to be objective, and tell others to see both sides of the coin?

Hyunjoo must’ve been upset…as things didn’t go her way, she must’ve had it hard.. but the other kids’ hearts were ripped apart even more. Hyunjoo, I’m sorry but let’s say what has to be said. Because of you, our kids were so pitiful. As I was in DSP Media, I watched the process of APRIL being formed. You suddenly cut off all contact and started skipping practices. And skipping out on schedules due to emergencies became a common happening.

Being sick and weak, that’s possible. Then you should quickly say you want to quit. But you wanted to do this, while only wanting to do the easy stuff. How could you do that?

— Yoonyoung

| @2yoooung/Instagram

It wasn’t a solo act but a team. These kids squatted in the practice room with their eyes swollen from crying. They tried to communicate with you but you wouldn’t speak to them and didn’t listen. Members are together more often than family.

Everyone could tell Hyunjoo was the visual. But if you can’t catch up to everyone else, you should’ve been showed that you were working harder than anyone else, but it was hard to see that in you. Since only one-sided posts came up, I thought everyone should know the facts.

Claims about who’s the leader, who’s the observer, or that everyone was a perpetrator … please stop saying those sort of things. Even so, [the APRIL members] tried hard to protect the group, Hyunjoo… You wanted to shine by yourself but the kids put the group and the fans first. As everyone was young, it was inevitable that people let their feelings so, but how can you say you were an outcast when you closed your eyes and ears by yourself? Bullying? Let’s stop riding the wave and end up hurting others.

And Somin who’s in KARD right now… she’s a dongsaeng who has always worked hard without whining once despite her young age. While she was APRIL’s leader, she would hold back her tears as bite down with determination, as she lead the team to practice. Is it a crime to be hardworking? Do you think she would’ve been upset to see her dongsaengs succeed when she worked so hard with them?

They worked so hard to get to where they are now, but was that too much for you to see? No matter what you’re feeling, Hyunjoo, I hope you do well in your future. I hope no one gets hurt from now on.

— Yoonyoung

In a now deleted post, Yoonyoung included a photo of him and Hyunjoo with the caption, “Just in case people say  I’m saying this because I’m not close to Hyunjoo. I have gotten along closely with her too.

| @2yoooung/Instagram

Following Yoonyoung’s post, fellow A-JAX member, Seungjin also spoke up through Instagram. He claimed that being hurt and misunderstood is a natural part of human relationships and he feels it is a pity that the divide between the APRIL and Hyunjoo had grown.

| hsj_9494/Instagram

It’s really a pity..

As the “APRIL” members and Hyunjoo are only humans with different ways of interpreting feelings and thoughts, it’s possible to hurt each other through misunderstandings.

Human relationships are difficult but it’s unfortunate that the distance between them became even more distant. To carefully express my thoughts as someone who has only seen them from the sidelines, I won’t take a side but I wonder if things would have ended positively if instead of focusing blame on others, people acknowledged and shared their stories with each other.

Of course, from the APRIL and Hyunjoo that I’ve seen so far, I’m sure they’ve tried to do that for the team and everyone else since they’re very considerate people. But unfortunately, people were hurt and everything became a pity.

— Seungjin

No other members from APRIL or any DSP Media artists have spoken up on the issue.

Lee Hyunjoo vs. APRIL's Bullying Allegations

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