eAeon Denies Being BTS RM”s “Informant,” Only To Fuel ARMYs’ Suspicion Further

And the plot thickens…

BTS’s RM recently shared a fan edit on his Instagram, mentioning that his fellow artist eAeon had sent it to him. The video featured compiled scenes from the movie Decision to Leave with RM’s new song “Closer” playing in the background.

Before RM shared it, the edit had less than a thousand likes, which made ARMYs believe that eAeon is “that friend” of RM who updates him about their shenanigans on Twitter.

But eAeon got wind of it soon and decided to clear his name. He quoted a Tweet that had tagged him on the fan edit and asked him to show it to RM. He reasoned that he found the video because of the tag, and RM wouldn’t snitch on his own informant like this!

His tweet sadly didn’t do much to ease ARMYs’ suspicion, as they jokingly pointed out his explanation sounded like “something an informant would say.” Others added that the fact he knows about the “that friend” reference itself is further proof that eAeon is “that friend.”

Apart from these arguments, some fans also noticed that the singer-songwriter had replied to another ARMY’s Tweet after Indigo‘s release. The tweet had no mention of eAeon or RM, which inevitably points at how familiar the man is with the streets of ARMY town.

Now the ball is in eAeon’s court, and we’re hooked to see where this running joke will lead next!


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