Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Notice Two Spoilers For “THE PLANET” From BTS’s RM And Jin

One of the spoilers dates back to 2021 👀

Earlier this month, BTS surprised fans when it was announced they would be releasing a new song featuring all seven members for the original soundtrack of the 3D K-Pop action hero animation BASTIONS.

The song was officially released on Friday, May 12, marking their first full-group release since they dropped “Yet To Come,” “For Youth,” and “Run BTS” in June 2022.

Seeing as BTS’s Jin enlisted in the military in December 2022 and J-Hope followed him in April 2023, their new song had to have been in the works since last year, at least. But recently, ARMYs discovered a spoiler for the song that placed the song’s creation back even further, thanks to the group’s leader RM.

BTS returned to the great outdoors for quality time away from their busy schedules when they filmed In The Soop 2.

The show’s second season was released on October 15, 2021, and an observant ARMY who was rewatching the show lately recognized RM singing some familiar lyrics.

Promotional poster for BTS’s “In The Soop 2” | HYBE Labels

As RM was walking through their In The Soop 2 mansion in Pyeongchang, he could be heard singing, “Let all your colors shine. Colors shine,” from the chorus of “THE PLANET.”

The ARMY who discovered the spoiler stated they were re-watching the show and were shocked to recognize the mystery song RM was singing.

RM’s wasn’t the only “THE PLANET spoiler. Eagle-eyed ARMYs also found a clue about the song in Jin’s solo debut music video for “The Astronaut,” which was released in October 2022.

Jin fills out a crossword puzzle in the music video with keywords related to his song, BTS, and ARMY. There’s an ad printed next to the puzzle with the words “THE PLANET” in quotations, while the rest of the ad stated it would be coming back soon, possibly hinting that although “The Astronaut” was Jin’s last advertised song release before his enlistment, he would be “coming back soon” in the form of the group’s song, “THE PLANET.”

BTS is known for the creative way they gift ARMYs spoilers, especially RM, who has earned the nickname “spoiler king.”

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